The avidin-biotin complex has been used for isolation (affinity chromatography), localization (affinity cytochemistry, cell cytometry, and blotting technology), and diagnostics (immunoassay, histopathology, and gene probes). Recently, usage of the system has been extended to include other areas. This volume covers these new applications and methodologies including hybridoma technology, bioaffinity sensors, affinity targeting, and drug delivery, as well as cross-linking, immobilization, and fusogenic studies.


Biochemists, molecular biologists, immunologists, microbiologists, endocrinologists, biotechnologically oriented industries, analytical chemists, and clinical chemists.

Table of Contents

Introduction: F.M. Richards, Reflections. M. Wilchek and E.A. Bayer, Introduction to Avidin-Biotin Technology. M. Wilchek and E.A. Bayer, Applications of Avidin-Biotin Technology: Literature Survey. Biotin-Binding Proteins: E.A. Bayer and M. Wilchek, Biotin-Binding Proteins: Overview and Prospects. N.M. Green, Avidin and Streptavidin. Y. Hiller, E.A. Bayer, and M. Wilchek, Nonglycosylated Avidin. G. Chandra and J.G. Gray, Cloning and Expression of Avidin in Escherichia coli. E.A. Bayer, H. Ben-Hur, and M. Wilchek, Isolation and Properties of Streptavidin. O. Livnah and J.L. Sussman, Crystal Forms of Avidin. K. Dakshinamurti and J. Chauhan, Non-Avidin Biotin-Binding Proteins. B. Wolf, J. Hymes, and G.S. Heard, Biotinidase. K. Dakshinamurti and E.S. Rector, Monoclonal Antibody to Biotin. General Methodology: Preparation of Biotin Derivatives: M. Wilchek and E.A. Bayer, Biotin-Containing Reagents. E.A. Bayer and M. Wilchek, Protein Biotinylation. A. Schwarz, C. Wandrey, E.A. Bayer, and M. Wilchek, Enzymatic C-Terminal Biotinylation of Proteins. D.J. O'Shannessy, Antibodies Biotinylated via Sugar Residues. B.F. Goldin and G.A. Orr, 2-Iminobiotin-Containing Reagent and Affinity Columns. Preparation of Avidin and Streptavidin Derivatives: E.A. Bayer and M. Wilchek, Avidin- and Streptavidin-Containing Probes. A.N. Glazer and L. Stryer, Phycobiliprotein-Avidin and Phycobiliprotein-Biotin Conjugates. R.A. Kohanski and M.D. Lane,


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