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VOLUME 1 PLENARY PAPERS Russian Space Programs: Achievements and Prospects of Automatic Control Applications
Control and Navigation Aspects of the New ESA Earth Observation Missions
Current Status of Japanese Aerospace Programs - Focusing on the High Speed Flight Demonstration
National Achievements in Control Theory (The Aerospace Perspective)
Model-Based Fault Detection and Diagnosis - Status and Applications
SPACECRAFT ATTITUDE AND ORBIT CONTROL On the Precision Attitude Control Problems
Control System of the Microsatellite “Micron”
Visual Feedback Attitude Control Experiment of a Bias Momentum Micro Satellite
Graph Models of Orbital Assembly and Dynamics of a Large Space Structure
Position Control Design and Validation Applied to ATV During Docking to ISS
On-Orbit Operation and Performance of Micro LabSat Attitude Control Subsystem
Nonlinear Dynamics of a Spacecraft Respinup by a Weak Internal Control
Systematic Approach to Achieve Fine Pointing Requirement of SOLAR-B
Onboard Control Complex for Vehicles Implementation Concept by ISS Example
A Novel Architecture for Magnetic Attitude Control of Gravity Gradient Satellites
Accurate Modes Design of the Darwin Precursor Formation Flying Demonstration Mission
Spacecraft Disposal on a Graveyard Orbit: The In-Flight AOCS Performance for Eurostar 2000 and SPOT 1 during End-of-Life Operations
Development of Attitude Control System of Micro LabSat
Steering the Control Moment Gyroscope Clusters Onboard High-Agile Spacecraft
Microvibration Manage


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