Auditory Physiology and Perception

1st Edition

Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Hearing Held in Carcens, France, on 9–14 June 1991

Editors: Y. Cazals K. Horner L. Demany
Hardcover ISBN: 9780080418476
eBook ISBN: 9781483161051
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 3rd April 1992
Page Count: 684
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Auditory Physiology and Perception documents the proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Hearing held in Careens, France, 9-14 June 1991. The aim of the symposium was to promote exchanges between hearing scientists working with different approaches from cell biology to psychology. The volume is organized into 10 parts. Part I contains papers on the biology of inner ear cells. Part II presents studies on auditory periphery functioning. Part III examines frequency selectivity while Part IV contains papers that deal with the subject of pitch. The papers in Part V examine the coding of intensity. Parts VI and VII discuss temporal analyses and spectral shape analysis, respectively. Part VIII takes up spectro-temporal processing. Part IX covers binaural interactions and sound localization. The studies in Part X focus on pathologies, such as the relations between evoked otoacoustic emissions and pure tone audiometry and the effect of short duration acoustic trauma on activity of single neurons in the ventral cochlear nucleus. The final chapter of the text is a tribute to Professor Zwicker, a leading scientist in hearing, who passed away some months before the symposium.

Table of Contents

List of Participants Preface Inner Ear Cell Biology Neurobiology of Cochlear Hair Cells-Invited Tutorial Two Control Systems for the Outer Hair Cell Motor The Cortical Cytoskeleton and Cell Shape Changes in Mammalian Outer Hair Cells Stochastic Theory of Outer Hair Cell Electromotility Correlation between the Length of Outer Hair Cells and the Frequency Coding of the Cochlea Evidence for Voltage Sensitive Ca2+ Channels in Supporting Cells of the Organ of Corti: Characterisation by Indo-1 Fluorescence Contribution of ?+ Channels to Solute Exit from Endolymph-Secreting Dark Cells Auditory Periphery Functioning Cochlear Mechanics-Invited Tutorial Basilar Membrane Response to Clicks On Mechanical Excitation of Hair Cell Stereocilia in the Cochlea Scanning Electron Microscopy of the Echidna: Morpholgy of a Primitive Mammalian Cochlea Pressure Measurements in the Fish Lateral Line Basal Turn Hair Cell Activity Dominate the Round Window Recorded Simple Difference Tone(F2-F1) A Third-Order Nonlinear Oscillator Model for Spontaneous Otoacoustic Emissions Statistics of and Physiological Mechanisms for Self Exciting Point Process Models of Auditory Nerve Discharge Self Stimulation of the Tympanic Membrane in the Frog
Frequency Selectivity A Quantitative Comparison of Peripheral Tuning Measures: Primary Afferent Tuning Curves versus Suppression Tuning Curves of Spontaneous and Distortion-Product Otoacoustic Emissions Comparisons of Physiological and Behavioral Properties: Auditory Frequency Selectivity Characterizing Changes in Auditory Filter Bandwidth as a Function of Level Auditory Filters and Aging: Filters when Audiometric Thresholds are Normal Cochlear Nonlinearity for Complex Stimuli Normal Tuning Curves for Primary Afferent Fibers Innervating Short and Intermediate Hair Cells in the Pigeon Ear Pitch The Musical Pitch of High


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