This is the first book to cover the history, structure, and application of atomic force microscopy in cell biology. Presented in the clear, well-illustrated style of the Methods in Cell Biology series, it introduces the AFM to its readers and enables them to tap the power and scope of this technology to further their own research. A practical laboratory guide for use of the atomic force and photonic force microscopes, it provides updated technology and methods in force spectroscopy. It is also a comprehensive and easy-to-follow practical laboratory guide for the use of the AFM and PFM in biological research.


Cell and developmental biologists, biotechnologists, physicologists, pharmocologists, biochemists, and students and researchers in molecular and cellular medicine

Table of Contents

Preface, Bhanu P. Jena & Heinrich Horber. Local Probe Techniques, J.K. Heinrich Hörber. AFM in the Study of Membrane Fusion and Exocytosis, Bhanu P. Jena, Sang-Joon Cho. AFM Imaging of Cells and Membranes, Christian Le Grimellec, Eric Lesniewska, Pierre Milhiet, Marie-Cécile Giocondi. Measuring the Elastic Properties of Living Cells by AFM, Manfred Radmacher. Cell Adhesion Measured by Force Spectroscopy on Living Cells, Martin Benoit. Molecular Recognition Studies Using AFM, Peter Hinterdorfer. The Biophysics of Sensory Cells of the Inner Ear examined by AFM and Patch Clamp, Matthias G. Langer, Assen Koitschev. Biotechnological Applications of Atomic Force Microscopy, Mike Horton, Guillaume Charras, Petri Lehenkari. Cellular Membranes Studied by Photonic Force Microscopy, Arnd Pralle, Ernst-Ludwig Florin. Methods for Biological Probe Microscopy in Aqueous Fluids, Helen G. Hansma, Johannes H. Kindt, John C. Sitko, Emin Oroudjev, Mario B. Viani, Nathan Becker, Lia I. Pietrasanta. Supported Lipid Bilayers as Effective Substrates for Atomic Force Microscopy, Zhifeng Shao, Daniel M. Czajkowsky. Cryo Atomic Force Microscopy, Zhifeng Shao, Sitong Sheng. Conformations, Flexibility and Interactions Observed on Individual Membrane Proteins by Atomic Force Microscopy, Daniel J. Müller, Andreas Engel. Single Molecule Force Measurements, Vincent T. Moy, Aileen Chen. Forced Unfolding of Single Proteins, Pierre-Francois Lenne, S.M. Altmann. Developments in Dynamic Force Microscopy and Spectroscopy, Mervyn Miles, A.D.L. Humphris. SFM Studies on the Structure and Dynamics of Single DNA Molecules, Bruno Samorì, G


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