These proceedings describe the current state-of-the-art of ozone research. A wide range of topics is discussed including: emissions, transport and transformation of precursors of ozone and of ozone itself, the distribution of ozone, the deposition of ozone at the earth's surface, and its effects on man and the environment. Attention is also given to the role of stratospheric ozone and the role of the ultraviolet radiation which is transmitted through the ozone layer. Finally it describes in detail present and future policy measures to reduce the ozone in the lower atmosphere and to protect the ozone layer in the stratosphere. Many of the papers describe recent developments and new research results. Research carried out in both in Europe and in the United States is described, as are the policy measures which are being taken by both European and U.S. governments.

Table of Contents

Session I. Plenary Session: Welcome and Overview Papers. II. Tropospheric Ozone, Oxidants and Precursors: Sources and Levels. III. Effects on Vegetation and Ecosystems. IV. Emerging Health Study Methodologies and Issues. V. Global Atmospheric Circulation and Modeling. VI. Mobile Source Control Technologies. VII. Mechanisms of Health Effects. VIII. Chronic Ozone Exposure Health Effects. IX. Atmospheric Chemistry and Modeling. X. Stationary Source Control Technologies. XI. Recent Studies Assessing the Need for an Additional Long-Term Ozone Standard. XII. Source Control for Stratospheric Ozone Protection. XIII. Health Effects of Stratospheric Modification. XIV. Risk Evaluation, Control Costs and Assessment. XV. Policy Issues and Control Strategies. Poster Session. Subject Index.


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