Atlas of Pediatric Physical Diagnosis

5th Edition

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  • Basil Zitelli
  • Holly Davis
  • Key Features

    • Addresses the entire spectrum of pediatric conditions—from pertinent historical factors and examination techniques to visual and diagnostic methods—providing you with comprehensive coverage for your toughest diagnostic challenges.
    • Features more than 3,400 practical, clinical photographs to help you identify and diagnose hundreds of pediatric disorders.

    Table of Contents

    1: Genetic Disorders and Dysmorphic Conditions, Carolyn A. Bay; Mark W. Steele; Holly W. Davis

    2: Neonatology, Beverly S. Brozanski; Debra L. Bogen

    3: Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics, Heidi Feldman

    4: Allergy and Immunology, David Nash; Andrew J. MacGinnitie

    5: Cardiology, Sang C. Park; Lee B. Beerman; Jacqueline Kreutzer

    6: Child Abuse and Neglect, Holly W. Davis; Mary Carrasco; Janet Squires

    7: Rheumatology, Paul Rosen; Sara C. McIntire

    8: Dermatology, Bernard Cohen

    9: Endocrinology, Selma Feldman Witchel; Kecha A. LynShue

    10: Nutrition and Gastroenterology, Cheryl Blank; J. Carlton Gartner

    11: Hematology and Oncology, Jean M. Tersak; J. Jeffrey Malatack; A. Kim Ritchey

    12: Infectious Diseases, Marian Michaels

    13: Nephrology, Demetrius Ellis

    14: Urologic Disorders, Mark F. Bellinger

    15: Neurology, Rajiv Varma; Shelley D. Williams; Henry B. Wessel

    16: Pulmonary Disorders, Jonathan D. Finder

    17: Surgery, Edward M. Barksdale, Jr.

    18: Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, Pamela J. Murray

    19: Ophthalmology, Kenneth P. Cheng; Albert W. Biglan

    20: Oral Disorders, Brian Martin; Mamoun M. Nazif; David H. McKibben; Apostole Vanderas

    21: Orthopedics, Vincent Deeney; Morey S. Moreland; W. Timothy Ward

    22: Cranofacial Anomalies, Aaron Mason; Joseph E. Losee; Michael L. Bentz

    23:Otolaryngology, Robert Yellon; Timothy P. McBride


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