Atlas of Pediatric Laparoscopy and Thoracoscopy with CD-ROM

1st Edition


  • George Holcomb
  • Keith Georgeson
  • Steven Rothenberg
    • Print ISBN 9781416033738

    Key Features

    • Provides the very latest information on minimally invasive endoscopic/thoracoscopic approaches on children to broaden your surgical options and minimize recovery times and post-operative complications.
    • Offers you a step-by-step approach to practice-proven techniques so you know exactly how to proceed and what to expect.
    • Includes a three-hour long DVD, containing 34 video clips of key procedures performed by the physicians who pioneered them to help you master your own technique and avoid potential pitfalls.
    • Presents 350 full-color endoscopic views with 200 corresponding line drawings that illuminate every concept and highlight important anatomical details, giving you superb visual guidance.
    • Follows a consistent chapter organization that helps you find what you need fast.

    Table of Contents

    1. History of Minimally Invasive Surgery
    Shawn D. St. Peter, MD and George W. Holcomb III, MD, MBA



    2. Principles of Laparoscopic Surgery
    George W. Holcomb, III, MD, MBA

    3. Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication
    George W. Holcomb, III, MD, MBA

    4. Laparoscopic Thal Fundoplication
    Klaas(N) MA Bax, MD, PhD, FRCS (Hon Ed)

    5. Laparoscopic Esophagomyotomy
    Girolamo Mattioli, MD, Alessio Pini Prato, MD and Vincenzo Jasonni, MD

    6. Laparoscopic Gastrostomy
    Michael V. Tirabassi, MD and Keith E. Georgeson, MD

    7. Laparoscopic Pyloromyotomy
    Mark L. Wulkan, MD

    8. Laparoscopic Antroplasty
    Keith E. Georgeson, MD

    9. Laparoscopic Duodenal Atresia/Stenosis Repair
    Klaas(N) MA Bax, MD, PhD, FRCS (Hon Ed)

    10. Laparoscopic Ladd Procedure
    Christopher R. Moir, MD

    11. Laparoscopic Jejunostomy
    Keith E. Georgeson, MD

    12. Laparoscopic Ileocolectomy for Crohn’s Disease
    Steven S. Rothenberg, MD

    13. Laparoscopic Management of Ileocolic Intussusception
    Keith E. Georgeson, MD

    14. Laparoscopic Appendectomy
    Eugene D. McGahren, MD

    15. Laparoscopy in the Management of Fecal Incontinence and Constipation
    Marc A. Levitt, MD and Alberto Peña, MD

    16. Laparoscopic Segmental Colectomy
    Steven S. Rothenberg, MD

    17. Laparoscopic Total Colectomy with Pouch Reconstruction
    Robert Cina, MD and Keith Georgeson, MD

    18. Laparoscopic Assisted Pull-Through for Hirschsprung’s Disease
    Michael J. Morowitz, MD and Keith E. Georgeson, MD

    19. Laparoscopic Duhamel Procedure
    David C. van der Zee, MD

    20. Laparoscopic-Assisted Anorectal Pull-Through
    Keith E. Georgeson, MD


    21. Laparoscopic Splenectomy
    Frederick J. Rescorla, MD

    22. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
    Daniel J. Os


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    About the authors

    George Holcomb

    Affiliations and Expertise

    The Katharine B. Richardson Endowed Chair in Pediatric Surgery, University of Missouri - Kansas City; Surgeon-in-Chief and Director, Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery, The Children's Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, MO

    Keith Georgeson

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Pediatric Surgery Clinic, Birmingham, AL

    Steven Rothenberg

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Rocky Mountain Pediatric Surgery, Denver, CO