Key Features

  • Clear information on the full range of acupuncture points and main channels in a systematic and clear way
  • Each point combines anatomical drawings and photographs of surface anatomy
  • Attractive two-colour design
  • Highly illustrated

Table of Contents

1 jing luo (Channel and Network Vessel System)

1.1 Introduction
1.2 The 12 Primary Channels (jing zheng)
1.3 The Divergent Channels (jing bie)
1.4 The 12 Sinew Channels (jing jin)
1.5 The luo-Connecting Vessels
1.6 The Cutaneous Regions (pi bu)
1.7 The 8 Extraordinary Vessels (qi jing ba mai)

2 Location Methods and cun-Measurements

2.1 Location Methods for Body Acupuncture
2.2 Cun-Measurements of the Body
2.3 Tips for Point Location

3 Anatomical Orientation

3.1 Head
3.2 Neck
3.3. Shoulder and Arm
3.4 Spine and Sacroiliac Region
3.5 Anterior and Lateral Aspect of the Thorax and Abdomen
3.6 Lower Extremity

4 The 12 Primary Channels and Their Points

4.1 The Lung Channel System – Hand-taiyin (shou tai yin jing luo)
4.2 Large Intestine Channel System – Hand-yangming (shou yang ming jing luo)
4.3 The Stomach Channel System – Hand-yangming (zu yang ming jing luo)
4.4 Spleen Channel System – Foot-taiyin (zu tai yin jing luo)
4.5 The Heart Channel System – Hand-shaoyin (shou shao yin jing luo)
4.6 The Small Intestine Channel System – Hand-taiyin (shou tai yang jing luo)
4.7 Bladder Primary Channel System - Foot-taiyang (zu tai yang jing luo)
4.8 Kidney Channel System – Foot-shaoyin (zu shao yin jing luo)
4.9 Pericardium Channel System – Hand Jueyin (shou jue yin jing luo)
4.10 Triple Burner Channel System – Hand-shaoyang (shou shao yang jing luo)
4.11 Gall Bladder Channel System – Foot-shaoyang (zu shao yang jing luo)
4.12 Liver Channel System – Foot-jueyin (zu jue yin jing luo)

5 The Eight Extraordinary Vessels (qi jing ba mai)

5.1 chong mai
5.2 ren mai
5.3 du mai
5.4 dai mai
5.5 yin wei mai
5.6 yang wei mai
5.7 yin qiao mai
5.8 yang qiao mai

6 Extraordinary Points

6.1 Extraordinary Points of the Head and Neck (Ex-HN)
6.2 Extraordinary Points of the Chest and Abdomen (Ex-CA)
6.3 Extraordinary Points


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