This is the first volume of a two-volume set of critical reviews of many aspects of both asphaltenes and asphalts and their interrelationship. Asphaltene is invariably present in asphalt or bitumen and other fossil fuel-derived liquids such as coal tar, coal liquefaction products, pyrolyzed shale oil from oil shales, source rock extracts and numerous naturally occurring bituminous substances. The latter include asphaltites, asphaltoids, waxes, and carbonaceous deposits containing a composition of petroleum and coal.

The contents cover not only the basic science of asphaltene but also deal with the applications and technology such as upstreams (production, recovery) and down streams (refining, upgrading) of petroleum, and the paving technology and formulation preparation. The main features of the book are: it provides an up-to-date, in-depth review of every aspect of asphaltenes and asphalts; it spans five decades of research and technology of heavy fractions of petroleum; it presents a global view of asphaltene related to exploration production, refining and upgrading.

The book will be welcomed as a valuable reference source for petroleum companies, research institutes, refineries, universities and also by individuals dealing with the production, origin, formation, engineering, conversion and catalysis of heavy oil, tar sands and other bitumens materials.

Table of Contents

Preface. List of Contributors. 1. Introduction (T.F. Yen, G.V. Chilingarian). 2. Chemical and Physical Studies of Petroleum Asphaltenes (J.G. Speight). 3. Chemical Constitution of Asphaltenes (M.A. Bestougeff, R.J. Byramjee). 4. Fuel Oil Chemistry and Asphaltenes (E.V. Whitehead). 5. Multiple Structural Orders of Asphaltenes (T.F. Yen). 6. Colloidal Nature of Petroleum Asphaltenes (D.A. Storm, E.Y. Sheu). 7. Structural Parameters from Asphaltenes and their Geochemical Significance (T.F. Yen, G.V. Chilingarian). 8. Asphaltene and Other Heavy Organic Depositions (S.J. Park, J. Escobedo, G.A. Mansoori). 9. The Adsorption of Asphaltenes and Resins on Various Minerals (G. González, M.B.C. Moreira). 10. Effects of Asphaltene Precipitation on the Size of Vanadium-, Nickel-, and Sulphur-Containing Compounds in Heavy Crude Oils and Residua (J. G. Reynolds). 11. Role of Asphaltenes on Oil Recovery and Mathematical Modeling of Asphaltene Properties (M.R. Islam). 12. The Use of Bitumen Asphaltenes as Thermal Maturation Indicators (M.M. Sharma, G.V. Chilingarian, T.F. Yen). 13. Mathematical Models of Influence of Asphalt and Resin Contents on Physical Properties of Oils from the Apsheron Oil- and Gas-Bearing Region (R.D. Djevanshir, L.A. Buryakovskiy, G.V. Chilingarian). 14. Role of Asphaltenes in Petroleum Cracking and Refining (R. Zou, L. Liu). 15. Studies of Asphaltene Diffusion: Implications for Asphaltene Structure and Optimal Upgrading Reactor Design (R.C. Sane et al.). 16. Polymer-Modified Bitumen (C. Giavarini). 17. Thermodynamics of Asphalt Intermolecular Interactions and Asphalt-Aggregate Interactions (E.K. Ensley). 18. Relationships among Composition, Structure, and Properties of Road Asphalts (B. Brûlé, G. Ramond, C. Such). Author Index. Subject Index.


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