Perspectives in Medical Virology was conceived after many discussions with teachers of postgraduate students, research workers, medical virologists, and students. A number of distinguished practising virologists were then invited to assemble the important information available and to integrate research at the basic level with clinical practice in selected subjects for the new series. The aim of this series is to promote dissemination of information, useful discussion and exchange of ideas and stimulate further interest and research in medical virology. This second volume explores the nature and properties of the arenaviridae family in a way that is hoped will stimulate further experimentation in as yet unexplored areas of arenavirus research.

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Preface. Foreword. Chapter 1. Introduction. Chapter 2. Natural history. Chapter 3. Laboratory diagnosis and serological properties. Chapter 4. Human arenavirus infections. Chapter 5. Arenavirus infections of animals. Chapter 6. Ultrastructure of arenaviruses and infected cells. Chapter 7. Physiocochemical properties and chemical composition. Chapter 8. Arenavirus replication. Chapter 9. Immunology of arenavirus infections. Chapter 10. Treatment and prevention of human infections. References. Subject index


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