Appreciating Practice in the Caring Professions

12th Edition

Re-focusing Professional Research and Development


  • Della Fish
    • Print ISBN 9780750630016


    It is unique in its approach but is completely in tune with what is happening in practice and in education. It calls for fundamental changes to the process of professional development, proposes a new research paradigm and demonstrates how practitioners can conduct rigorous and reputable research from within their daily activities.

    Table of Contents

    Introduction: Mapping the territory - a brief overview of the argument; PART 1: Appreciating artistry: new approaches to professional development and practitioner research; Contextual matters: art and professionalism; Professional artistry: what sense does it make of practice?; Professional practice as art; mirage or vision?; Practitioner as artist: professional development through critical appreciation; New directions in practitioner research: investigating our professional practice as art; PART 2: Recognition and response: the traditions and practices of critical appreciation in the Arts; The language of appreciation 1: seeing and reading; The language of appreciation 2: watching and listening; PART 3: Cultivating an appreciative eye: some practical processes for professional development and research; Appreciation and the development of discernment: recognizing and preparing to capture the artistry in our practice; Practitioner research as artist: working on draft presentations of professional artistry; Portrait of the professional as artist: finding a voice, developing a vision; Deepening our appreciation of the artistry of practice: creating a critical commentary


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