Appraising Research into Childbirth

1st Edition

An Interactive Workbook


  • Sara Wickham
    • Electronic ISBN 9780723435617

    Key Features

    • Presents a range of quantitative and qualitative research articles relevant to midwifery practice in a unique workbook format
    • Enables readers to gain hands-on, practical experience of critiquing research
    • Supplementary tools, checklists, mnemonics and tables enable deeper understanding of the process of appraising research
    • Commentary and expert critique provided by lecturers in midwifery research
    • Contains a user-friendly guide to statistics

    Table of Contents


    SECTION ONE: A Few Tools, Tips and Checklists

    SECTION TWO: Women, Midwives and Information
    Chapter One Sara Wickham
    O'Cathian, A, Walters, SJ, Nicholl JP, Kirkham M (2002) Use of evidence based leaflets to promote informed choice in maternity care: randomised controlled trial in everyday practice. British Medical Journal 324: 643
    Chapter Two Nadine Edwards
    Stapleton, H, Kirkham, M, Thomas G (2002) Qualitative study of evidence based leaflets in maternity care. British Medical Journal 324: 639

    SECTION THREE: Childbirth Choices
    Chapter Three Tricia Anderson
    Hundley V, Rennie A-M, Fitzmaurice A et al (2000) A national survey of women’s views of their maternity care in Scotland. Midwifery, Vol 16, Issue 4, pp 303-313
    Chapter Four Mary Stewart
    Madi BC and Crow R (2003) A qualitative study of information about available options for childbirth venue and pregnant women’s preference for place of delivery. Midwifery, Vol 19, Issue 4, pp 328-336

    SECTION FOUR: Childbirth Interventions
    Chapter Five Julie Frohlich
    Olsen, SF and Secher, NJ. (2002) Low consumption of seafood in early pregnancy as a risk factor for preterm delivery: prospective cohort study. British Medical Journal 324: 447-450
    Chapter Six Ishvar Sheran and Sara Wickham
    Smith C, Crowther C and Belby J (2002) Acupuncture to treat nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy: a randomised controlled trial. BIRTH, Vol 29, No 1

    SECTION FIVE: Women’s Experiences
    Chapter Seven Ruth Deery
    Berg, M., Lundgren, I., & Hermansson, E. (1996) Women's experience of the encounter with the midwife during childbirth Midwifery, Vol. 12, Issue 1, pp. 11-15
    Chapter Eight Tricia Anderson
    Machin D and Scamell M (1997) The experience of labour using ethnography to explore the irresistible nature of the bio-medical metaphor during labour. Midwifery Vol 13, Issue X, pp 78-84


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