This book is the result of a united effort of six European universities to create an overall course on the appplication of artificial intelligence (AI) in process control. The book includes an introduction to key areas including; knowledge representation, expert, logic, fuzzy logic, neural network, and object oriented-based approaches in AI. Part two covers the application to control engineering, part three: Real-Time Issues, part four: CAD Systems and Expert Systems, part five: Intelligent Control and part six: Supervisory Control, Monitoring and Optimization.


For graduates, postgraduates and researchers in the areas of intelligent process control systems, computer-aided and control engineering, computer science and AI.

Table of Contents

Preface. Contributing authors. Part I: Artificial Intelligence. Roadmap. A gentle introduction to artificial intelligence, L. Boullart. Knowledge representation by logic, L. Boullart. Object orientation and object-oriented programming, L. Boullart. Expert system case study: the chocolate biscuit factory, J. Efstathiou. Using A.I.-formalisms in programming logic controllers, L. Boullart. An introduction to expert system development, M. Tomàs Saborido. Introduction to fuzzy logic and fuzzy sets, R. Vepa. An introduction to neural networks, G. Wells. Part II: Control Engineering. Roadmap. Computer control systems: an introduction, M. G. Rodd & G. J. Suski. Towards intelligent control: integration of AI in control, H. B. Verbruggen et al. Part III: Real-Time Issues. Roadmap. Real-time and communication issues, M. G. Rodd. Real-time expert systems, A. Crespo Lorente. Part IV: CAD Systems using Expert Systems. Roadmap. User interfaces and the role of artificial intelligence in computer aided control engineering, C. P. Jobling. Part V: Intelligent Control. Roadmap. Fuzzy controllers, P. Albertos. Adaptive fuzzy control, R. Jager. Neural networks for control, G. Cembrano & G. Wells. Associative memories: the CMAC approach, A. J. Krijgsman. Part VI: Supervisory Control - Monitoring - Optimization. Roadmap. Supervised adaptive control, F. Morant et al. Monitoring and fault diagnosis in control engineering, R. Vepa. Expert governed numerical optimization, R. A. Vingerhoeds. Author index. Subject index.


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About the editors

L. Boullart

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University of Ghent, Belgium

A. Krijgsman

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Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

R. A. Vingerhoeds

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University of Ghent, Belgium