Antennas in Inhomogeneous Media - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080132761, 9781483186375

Antennas in Inhomogeneous Media

1st Edition

International Series of Monographs in Electromagnetic Waves

Authors: Janis Galejs
Editors: A. L. Cullen V. A. Fock J. R. Wait
eBook ISBN: 9781483186375
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1969
Page Count: 312
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Antennas in Inhomogeneous Media details the methods of analyzing antennas in such inhomogeneous media. The title covers the complex geometrical configurations along with its variational formulations. The coverage of the text includes various conditions the antennas are subjected to, such as antennas in the interface between two media; antennas in compressible isotropic plasma; and linear antennas in a magnetoionic medium. The selection also covers insulated loops in lossy media; slot antennas with a stratified dielectric or isotropic plasma layers; and cavity-backed slot antennas. The book will be of great use to electrical, communications, and radio engineers.

Table of Contents

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List of Principal Symbols

1. Introduction

1.1 Scope and Limitations of the Treatment

1.2 Field Equations

1.3 Hertz Potential

1.4 TE and TM Modes

1.5 Definitions of Antenna Impedance or Admittance

1.6 References

2. Thin Wire Antennas in Free Space

2.1 EMF Method

2.2 Hallen's Method

2.3 Storer's Variational Solution

2.4 Thin Wire Loop Antenna

2.5 Appendix: Hertz Vector of a Cylindrical Wire

2.6 Exercises

2.7 References

3. Slot Antennas in Free Space

3.1 Concept of Complementary Antennas

3.2 Rectangular Waveguide with an Infinite Flange

3.3 Coaxial Line with an Infinite Flange

3.4 Exercises

3.5 References

4. Dielectric Loading of Small Antennas

4.1 Dielectric Loading of Electric Dipole Antennas

4.2 Lossy Cores for Loops and Capacitor Type Antennas

4.2.1 Loop Antenna

4.2.2 Dipole Antenna

4.2.3 Comparison of the Two Antenna Types

4.3 Lossy Shells Surrounding Loops and Dipoles

4.4 Exercises

4.5 References

5. Transmission Line Theory of Buried Insulated Antennas

5.1 Impedance of the Buried Insulated Wire

5.2 Mutual Impedance of Two Buried Antennas

5.3 Surface Excitation by a Buried Vertical Line

5.4 References

6. Antennas in the Interface Between Two Media

6.1 Thin Insulated Wires

6.2 Long Slots

6.2.1 The Narrow Slot

6.2.2 The Wide Slot

6.2.3 The Radiation Efficiency of the Slot

6.3 Exercises

6.4 References

7. Cavity-Backed Slot Antennas

7.1 Rectangular Slots

7.1.1 Integral Equation for the Field Variation in the Slot

7.1.2 Variational Solution

7.1.3 Hallen's Method

7.2 Annular Slot

7.2.1 Slot Admittance

7.2.2 Cylindrical Cavity

7.2.3 Coaxial Cavity

7.3 Exercises

7.4 References

8. Slot Antennas with a Stratified Dielectric or Isotropic Plasma Layers

8.1 Admittance of a Rectangular Waveguide

8.1.1 The General Formulation

8.1.2 Slot Admittance with a Negligible Ex Component

8.1.3 Slot Admittance with a Non-negligible Ex Component

8.1.4 Slot Admittance for Thick Plasma Layers

8.1.5 Numerical Results

8.1.6 Admittance Measurements

8.2 Mutual Admittance Between Two Rectangular Waveguides

8.3 Admittance of an Annular Slot

8.3.1 General Information

8.3.2 One-term Approximation of the Aperture Fields

8.3.3 Two-term Approximation of Aperture Fields

8.3.4 Radiation Conductance in Terms of Surface Fields

8.3.5 Slots with Free Space and Plasma Layers

8.3.6 Buried Slot Antennas

8.4 Exercises

8.5 References

9. Impedance of Linear Antennas in the Presence of a Stratified Dielectric

9.1 Driving Point Impedance of a Single Antenna

9.1.1 Impedance Formulation

9.1.2 The Free Space Impedance of a Thin Antenna

9.1.3 Antennas in a Homogeneous Dielectric

9.1.4 Antenna in Dielectric Layers

9.1.5 Antennas in Dielectric or Plasma Cylinders

9.1.6 Insulated Antennas in Dissipative Medium

9.2 Mutual Impedance

9.2.1 Impedance Formulation

9.2.2 Limiting Impedance Values

9.2.3 Free Space Impedance

9.2.4 Antenna in Dielectric Layers

9.2.5 Insulated Antennas in Dissipative Medium

9.3 Exercises

9.4 References

10. Insulated Loops in Lossy Media

10.1 Impedance Formulation

10.2 Loops in a Homogeneous Lossy Dielectric or in Free Space

10.3 Loops in Finite Layers of Lossy Dielectric

10.4 Exercises

10.5 References

11. Antennas in Compressible Isotropic Plasma

11.1 Guided Waves Supported by Layers of a Lossy Compressible Plasma

11.1.1 Field Expressions

11.1.2 Dispersion Relations

11.1.3 Numerical Results

11.1.4 Complex Power of Guided Waves

11.2 Admittance of a Waveguide Backed Slot

11.2.1 Field Expressions for a Two-layer Plasma

11.2.2 Slot Admittance

11.2.3 Surface Waves

11.2.4 Numerical Results

11.3 Impedance of a Linear Antenna

11.3.1 Impedance Formulation

11.3.2 Surface Waves

11.3.3 Impedance of a Short Antenna in an Unbounded Plasma

11.3.4 Numerical Results

11.4 Exercises

11.5 References

12. Linear Antennas in a Magnetoionic Medium

12.1 Cylindrical Antenna with an Axial Static Magnetic Field

12.1.1 Field Expressions in the Cold Electron Plasma Medium

12.1.2 Antenna Impedance

12.1.3 Impedance of a Thin Antenna Without a Dielectric Layer

12.1.4 Discussion of Numerical Results

12.2 Flat Strip Antenna with a Perpendicular Static Magnetic Field

12.2.1 Field Expressions in the Plasma Medium

12.2.2 Reflection Coefficients

12.2.3 Antenna Driving Point Impedance

12.2.4 Impedance of a Thin Antenna Without a Dielectric Layer

12.2.5 Discussion of Numerical Results

12.2.6 Insulated Antennas Above a Ground Plane

12.3 Radiation from a Short Antenna in a Lossy Uniaxial Medium

12.3.1 Formulation of the Effective Resistance

12.3.2 Radiation in the Limit of Low Losses

12.3.3 Radiation at Large Distances in a Lossy Medium

12.3.4 Summary of Radiation Characteristics

12.4 Appendix: Strip Antenna with a Magnetic Field Perpendicular to the Axis and Parallel to the Surface

12.5 Exercises

12.6 References

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Janis Galejs

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V. A. Fock

J. R. Wait

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