The art. The craft. The business. Animation Writing and Development takes students and animation professionals alike through the process of creating original characters, developing a television series, feature, or multimedia project, and writing professional premises, outlines and scripts. It covers the process of developing presentation bibles and pitching original projects as well as ideas for episodes of shows already on the air. Animation Writing and Development includes chapters on animation history, on child development (writing for kids), and on storyboarding. It gives advice on marketing and finding work in the industry. It provides exercises for students as well as checklists for professionals polishing their craft. This is a guide to becoming a good writer as well as a successful one.

Key Features

* Filled with writing exercises that will challenge your writing limits * Understand inspiration, idea gathering, and story development * Tips on how to write for kids and why certain stories appeal to different ages * The how and why of dialogue-what works, and what doesn't


beginning and professional animators (game artists, multimedia artists; animators for TV, video, and film.)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements An Introduction and User's Manual 1. Introduction to Animation 2. The History of Animation 3. Finding Ideas 4. Human Development 5. Developing Characters 6. Development and the Animation Bible 7. Basic Animation Writing Structure 8. The Premise 9. The Outline 10. Storyboard for Writers 11. The Scene 12. Animation Comedy and Gag Writing 13. Dialogue 14. The Scripts 15. Editing and Rewriting 16. The Animated Feature 17. Types of Animation and Other Animation Media 18. Marketing 19. The Pitch 20. Agents, Networking, and Finding Work 21. Children's Media Glossary Index


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*"Jean Ann Wright's new book is a well written, straightforward and practical approach to writing for animated features and television. With an eye on giving the writer an overview of the animation process as well as solid advice on preparing successful projects for the big and small screen, Jean's book will prove invaluable to those trying to break into the business as well as those who already have a track record." -- Frank Gladstone, Head of Artistic Development/DreamWorks Animation *"Jean Ann Wright has managed to create a nearly indispensable book for writers of all media, not just animation. Animation Writing and Development not only demonstrates how to brainstorm gags and create memorable characters, it also analyzes the thinking of the audience whether they're pre-schoolers or teenaged video game addicts. This book asks questions that will lead you to fresh perspectives on your work and more sales." -Tad Stones, Animation Producer and Writer, Warner Brother and Universal Cartoon Studios *"What could be better than a mentor who really cares? Jean Ann Wright more than qualifies as a topnotch writing mentor for animation, one who cares about her readers and their potential careers. With that foundation in mind, I say, take this great book and run with it…er…better still…write with it!" — Rita Street, longtime Publisher/Editorial Director, Animation Magazine "The real value of this tome lies in its concise technical approach, offering newcomers various route-maps through the storytelling maze." - Imagine magazine "Even if you have never thought about writing for animation this is a fascinating book, and for anyone yearning to write for this medium it is indispensable...So is it possible to learn how to write? After reading this book I would say definitely yes - it will certainly make you want to try...There is lot