Anglo–American Microelectronics Data 1968–69 - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080038391, 9781483150567

Anglo–American Microelectronics Data 1968–69

1st Edition

Manufacturers A–P

Editors: G.W.A. Dummer J. Mackenzie Robertson
eBook ISBN: 9781483150567
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1968
Page Count: 1580
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Anglo-American Microelectronics Data 1968-69, Volume One Manufacturers A-P covers semiconductor integrated circuits, thick and thin film technologies, and constructions outside the semiconductor integrated circuit area which come within the microelectronics range. The book discusses A.B. metal products thick film microcircuits; AMELCO series 16-701/46-701 tentative transistor-transistor logic; and American Micro-Systems B002e low-power logic binary. The book also describes Bunker-Ramo hybrid thin-film techniques; Centralab thick film integrated circuits; and CTS Cermet microelectronics. Elliott-automation; Erie R-C and hybrid integrated circuits; and Ether engineering series 2020 operational amplifiers are also considered. Other topics include Fair Child resistor-transistor micrologic; Hawker Siddeley micropacks; and Plessey SL20 series amplifiers. Designers, buyers, and users of microelectronic devices will find the text useful.

Table of Contents

Index to Firms — Vol. I

A. B. Metal Products


Series 16-701/46-701 Transistor-Transistor Logic

B16-701/B46-701 Gated Buffer (flip-flop driver)

B16-751/B46-751 Gated Buffer

G16-701/G46-701 and M16-701/M46-701 Dual Two Input Gates

R16-701/R46-701 Master Slave Flip-flop

D16-701/D46-701 Dual Shift Register

Y16-701/Y46-701 Input Interface

Z16-701/Z46-701 Output Interface

Integrated Circuit Part Numbering System and Cross Reference

300 Series High Noise Immunity Logic (HNIL)

321 Quad Two Input Gate

322 Dual Five Input Gate

301 Dual Five Input Buffer

341 Dual Exclusive-OR

311 RST Flip-flop

331 Dual Five Input Expander

342 Dual One Shot

361 Dual Input Interface Circuit

362 Dual Output Interface Circuit

831A(D13-000), 831B(D13-001), 831C(D13-002) Differential Amplifier

83IDE Differential Amplifier

A13-251(12 pin), A13-251(10 pin) Operational Amplifier

800DE(10 pin), 801DE(12 pin) Operational Amplifier

809C Operational Amplifier

90ICE Video Amplifier

903BR (E-13-711) VHF Amplifier

903CR VHF Amplifier

Application of Operational Amplifiers - 805 Family

Amelco Hybrid Circuits

Typical circuits : Power Supply Regulator

2107BE/2108BE/2109BE/2110BE Single Pole Single Throw Analog Gates

2114BF Single Pole Double Throw Switch

2126BG Single Pole Double Throw Switch

5551BM/5552BM Shift Register

American Micro-Systems Integrated Circuits

B002E Low-Power Logic Binary

R1020 Ultra-DC 20-bit Register

R1040 Ultra-DC Dual 20-bit Register

R2050 Ultra-Logic 50-bit Register

R2100 Ultra-Logic Dual 50-bit Register

R2101 Ultra-Logic dual 50-bit Register

R4020 Ultra-Logic 20-bit Register

R4040 Ultra-Logic Dual 20-bit Register

L14GA Ultra-Logic Expandable Gate Array

L22FF Ultra-Logic Gating and Storage Element

L103G Low-Power Logic Three Input NAND Gate

L203G Low-Power Logic Three Input NOR Gate

Bunker-Ramo Hybrid Thin-Film Techniques


Representative Circuits

Process Technology and Facilities

The Photocopy Approach



Centralab Thick Film Integrated Circuits

Electrical Specifications


Resistors, Capacitors, Semiconductors

Mechanical Specifications

Metal Glaze Reliability Summary

CTS Cermet Microelectronics

Preparation of Cermet Thick Films

Characteristics of Cermet Film Passive Components

Semiconductor Components for Cermet Microcircuits

Assembly of Discrete Devices to Cercomp Substrates

Packaging and Checkout


Elliott-Automation A7700 Series Linear Integrated Circuits

A7703 RF-IF Amplifier

A7709 High Performance Operational Amplifier

A7710 High Speed Differential Comparator

A7711 Dual Comparator

A7712 Wideband DC Amplifier

A7716 Instrumentation Amplifier

A7726 Temperature Stabilised Pre-amplifier

Package information

MA01 Four Input Plus Two Input NOR Gates

MA03 Audio Switch

MA04 Eight Stage Shift Register

D930 Diode-Transistor Logic Circuit Family

D930 Dual Four Input NAND Gate

D932 Dual Four Input Buffer

D933 Dual Four Input Extender

D944 Dual Four Input Power Driver

D945/D948 Clocked Flip-flops

D946 Quad Two Input NAND Gate

D950 High Speed Triggered Flip-flop

D951 Gated Monostable Multivibrator

D962 Triple Three Input NAND Gate

H9000 Series TTL Integrated Circuits

H9000/H9001 clocked J-K flip-flops

H9002 Quad Two Input NAND Gate

H9003 Triple Three Input NAND Gate

H9004 Dual Four Input NAND Gate

H9005 Dual Two Input AND/NOR Gate

H9006 Dual Four Input Expander for Use with H9005 and H9008

H9007 Single Input NAND gate

H9008 Single AND/NOR Gate

H9009 Dual Four Input NAND Buffer

H9020 Dual J-K flip-flop

H9021 Dual J-K flip-flop

Package Information

Erie R-C and Hybrid Integrated Circuits

Characteristics of Resistors and Capacitors


Design Details Required for Passive or Active Network Evaluation

Typical Supplied R-C and hybrid I-C Circuits

Type 190 Series Parametral Thick Film Attenuators

Ether Engineering Film Integrated Circuits

Features and Packaging Dimensions

Type 2021 Operational Amplifier

Type 2022 Operational Amplifier

Typical Performance - Series 2020 Operational Amplifiers

Fairchild Integrated Circuits

Resistor-Transistor Micrologie

9900 Buffer

9901 Counter Adapter

9902 Flip-flop

9903 Three Input Gate

9904 Half Adder

9905 Half Shift Register (with Inverter)

9906 Half Shift Register (without Inverter)

9907 Four Input Gate

9914 Dual Two Input Gate

9915 Dual Three Input Gate

9923 J-K Flip-flop

9926 J-K Flip-flop

9927 Quad Inverter

9970 Dual Half Adder

9991 Quad Two Input Gate

9992 Quad Two Input Expander

9993 Dual Two Input Gate and Dual Two Input Expander

9994 Dual J-K Flip-flop

9995 Dual Buffer and Dual Three Input Gate Expander

9996 Hex Inverter

9997 Four Bit Shift Register

Low Power Resistor-Transistor Micrologic

9908 Adder

9909 Buffer

9910 Dual Gate

9911 Gate

9912 Half Adder

9913 Type D Flip-flop

9921 Gate Expander

9938 Dual Buffer

9940 J-K Flip-flop

Counting Micrologic

9958 Decade Counter

9959 Buffer Storage

9960 Decimal Decoder/Driver

9989 Mod 16 Counter

Transistor-Transistor Micrologic

9000 J-K Flip-flop

9001 J-K Flip-flop

9002 Quad Gate

9003 Triple Gate

9004 Dual Gate

9005 Dual Gate

9007 Gate

9009 Dual Buffer

Diode-Transistor Micrologic

9931 Clocked Flip-flop

9932 Dual Buffer

9933 Dual Input Extender

9936 Hex Inverter

9937 Hex Inverter

9944 Dual Power Gate

9945 Clocked Flip-Flop

9946 Quad Gate

9948 Clocked Flip-Flop

9949 Quad Gate

9950 Pulse Triggered Binary

9951 Monostable Multivibrator

9961 Dual Gate

9962 Triple Gate

9963 Triple Gate

Low Power Diode-Transistor Micrologic

9040 Clocked Flip-Flop

9041 Dual NAND Gate

9042 Dual NAND Gate

Additional Current Sinking Circuits

SE101 (5502) NAND/NOR Gate

SE102 (5502) NAND/NOR Gate

SE105 (5507) Diode Array

SEI 10 (5509) Power Gate

SEI 15 (5504) NAND/NOR Gate

SE124 (5500) AC Binary

SE150 (5510) Line Driver

SE160(5511) Multivibrator

CS700 (5503) NAND/NOR Gate

CS701 (5505) NAND/NOR Gate

CS704(5501) AC Binary

CS705 (5506) Diode Array

CS709 (5508) Diode Array

Complementary Transistor Micrologic

9952 Dual Inverter Gate

9953 Triple AND Gate

9954 Dual AND Gate

9955 Single AND Gate

9956 Dual Buffer

9957 Dual Rank Flip-Flop

9964 Triple AND Gate

9965 Quad AND Gate

9966 AND Gate

9967 J-K Flip-Flop

9968 Dual Latch

9971 AND Gate

MOS FET Circuits

μM3400 Five Channel Switch

μM3700 Four Channel Switch

9030 Eight Bit Memory Cell

9032 Six Bit DTμL Memory Cell

9033 sixteen Bit Memory Cell

1128 Eight Bit Memory Cell

Linear Integrated Circuits

7703 IF Limiting Amplifier

7709 High Performance Operational Amplifier

7710 High Speed Differential Comparator

7711 Dual Comparator

7712 Wideband DC Amplifier

Custom Microcircuits

1116 CML Gate

1117 CML Gate

1126 CML Gate

1140 Dual Four Input Gate

1155 DT2L Gate

1169 Dual Speed DTμL Flip-Flop

Hybrid Integrated Circuits

SH2001 High Voltage High Current Driver

SH2100 High Current Driver

SH2101 High Voltage Driver

SH2510 Two Stage Counter Register

SH3000 High Impedance Wideband DC Amplifier

SH3001 Analog Switch

SH3005 High Impedance Differential Comparator

SH8080 Four Bit Arithmetic Unit

SH9002 Series Voltage Regulator

SH9004 RF/IF Amplifier

SH9006 Sense Amplifier

SH9007 Dual Low Power DTμL Flip-Flop

Components Available

Packages Available



Packaging Cross-Reference Guide

Product Code Explanation

Additional Items (Concise Information)

Large Scale Integration: MμL5033, MμL9033 Sixteen Bit Memory Cell

3100 MOS Dual Five Input Gate

3101 MOS Dual J-K Flip-Flop

3102 MOS Dual Three Input NAND Gate

3300 MOS Monolithic Twenty-Five Bit Static Shift Register

3700 MOS Four Channel Switch with All Channel Blanking

3701 MOS Six Channel Multiplex Switch

3500 MOS 256-bit Read-Only Memory

Microcircuits (Linear) :

μA728 Temperature Controlled Zener Diode

μA730 Differential In, Differential Out, Preamplifier

Microcircuits (Digital): 9043 Dual NAND 'Low Power' Gate

9046 Quad NAND 'Low Power' Gate

9047 Triple NAND 'Low Power' Gate

Application Notes and Technical Papers :

Numeric Listing

Categoric Listing

Patent Information

Ferranti Logical Circuit Elements

LCE 200 Series

201G Counter/Register Flip-Flop

202G Five Input NOR Block

203G-203G/A Five Input NAND Block

204G Dual Inverter/Amplifier

205G variable Frequency Multivibrator

206G variable Period Monostable Circuit

207G Quadruple Emitter Follower Unit

208G Five Input AND Gate

209G Five Input OR Gate

210G Five Input Diode Coupled NOR Block

211G-211G/A Trigger/Amplifier Circuit

LCE 300/400 Series

301/401 Counter/Register Flip-Flop

302 Five Input NOR Block

303/403 Four/Five Input NAND Block

304/404 Dual Inverter/Amplifier

305/407 Variable Frequency Multivibrator

306 Variable Period Monostable Unit

406 Gated Monostable

307/409 Quadruple Emitter Follower Unit

308/410 Four /Five Input AND Gate

309/411 Four/Five Input OR Block

310/402 Four/Five Input Diode Coupled NOR Block

311 Trigger Circuit

312/412 Triple Power Output Block

405 Dual Buffer/ Output Amplifier

408 Multi Diode Gate Module

LCE 500 Series

501 Counter/ Register Istable (Flip-Flop)

General Instrument MTOS Integrated Circuits

MEM1000 Dual Full Adder

MEM1002 Dual Three Input NOR Gate

MEM1005 R-S-T Flip-Flop 474

MEM1008 Dual Exclusive OR/NOT Gate

MEM1050 P Channel Enhancement Mode Four Stage Binary Up-Down Counter

MEM2008 Series-Shunt Chopper

MEM3005PP Five Bit Parallel In - Parallel Out Shift Register

MEM3008PS Eight Bit 2Ø Parallel In - Serial Out Shift Register

MEM3012SP Twelve Bit Serial In - Parallel Out Shift Register

MEM3016-2 Dual Sixteen Bit Shift Register

MEM3020 Twenty Bit Shift Register

MEM3021 Twenty-One Bit Shift Register

MEM3021B Twenty-One Bit Shift Register

MEM3050 Dual Twenty-Five Bit Shift Register

MEM3064 Sixty-Four Bit Serial Accumulator

MEM5014 Ten Bit Analog/Digital - Digital/ Analog Converter

MEM5021 Digital Differential Adder Element

MTOS Integrated Digital Differential Analyzer (MEM5021 Application Note)

S-C-100 Analog-to-Digital Converter System

Hybrid Microcircuits

PC-210H/212H Low Noise Wide Band Operational Amplifiers

PC-260 High Efficiency Linear Complementary Symmetrical Current Amplifier

PC-403 General Purpose Analog Switch

PC-501H/503H Power Supply Voltage Regulators (Overload Protection 12V)

PC-502H/504H Power Supply Voltage Regulators (Overload Protection 24V)

NC-511/513 and PC-511H/513H Power Supply Voltage Regulators, General Purpose Application (12V)

NC-512/514 and PC-512H/514H Power Supply Voltage Regulators, General Purpose Application (24V)

NC-521/523 and PC-521H/523H Power Supply Voltage Regulators, General Purpose Application (6V)

Hybrid Microcircuit Reliability Status Report

General Instrument Hybrid Microcircuits - Summary

Halex Thin Film Circuits

HX505 Ladder Network

HX610 Wideband Amplifier

HX620 Core Memory Sense Amplifier

Harstone Hybrid Circuits

Film Specifications

TL101/TL101A Lowlog RTL Range NAND/NOR Gate

Hawker Siddeley Micropacks

MED01016 Three Bit Shift Register

MED01024/MED01028 Three Phase Motor Logic

MED01029 Eight Bit Word Generator

MED01035 Divider (by 128)

MED01036 Divider (by 256, 128, 64, 32)

MED01039 Ten Bit Shift Register

Head Line Co. HL-50 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

Hughes Microelectronic Circuits

Flip Chip Technology

Substrate Material, Thin Film Metallurgy, Mounting of Flip Chips


HMC1148 High Voltage Operational Amplifier

Hybrid Diode Assemblies

Custom Diode Circuit Design

ITT Integrated Circuits

DTL 930 Series

Glossary of Terms Used

Production Process Tests, Reliability Programme

Input-Output Loading Factors

Noise Immunity

Transfer Characteristics

MIC930 Dual Four Input Gate

MIC961 Fast Dual Four Input Gate

MIC932 Dual Four Input Buffer

MIC944 Dual Four Input Power Gate

MIC936 Hex Single Input Gate

MIC937 Fast Hex Single Input Gate

MIC946 Quad Two Input Gate

MIC949 Fast Quad Two Input Gate

MIC962 Triple Three Input Gate

MIC963 Fast Triple Three Input Gate

MIC933 Dual Four Input Extender

MIC945 and MIC948 Clocked Flip-Flops

MIC950 Pulse Triggered Binary Flip-Flop

MIC951 Monostable Multivibrator

Marconi Microelectronics

502-02/03/05/06 High Speed NOR Logic Elements

Application Reports Published by Marconi Microelectronics

ZSD51A Five Entry Diode Expander

ZSD81A Five Entry Diode Expander

ZSD91A Five Entry Diode Expander

ZSS51A/51B Four Entry Gates

ZSS53A/53B Dual Two Entry Gates

ZSS55A/55B Five Entry Gates

ZSS56B Equivalence Element

ZSS57B Four Entry NOR/OR Gates

ZSD71A Five Entry Diode Expander

ZSF71B Bistable Circuit (J-K Flip-Flop)

ZSF72B Dual Bistable Circuit (J-K Flip-Flop)

ZSS72D Dual Gates

ZSS73A Triple Gates

ZSS73B Triple Gates

ZSS74A Quad Gates

ZSS74C Quad Gates

ZSS70 Series - Typical Characteristics for Basic Gates

ZSS102AL/102BL Dual Two Entry Gates (with Expander Point)

ZSD111A Five Entry Diode Expander

ZSF111B Bistable Circuit ( J-K Flip-Flop)

ZSS111A/ZSS111B Four Entry Gates

ZSS113A/ZSS113B Dual Two Entry Gates

ZSS114A/ZSS114B Triple Inverter

ZSS115A/ZSS115B Five Entry Gates

ZSS116B Equivalence Element

ZSS117B Four Entry NOR/OR Gate

ZST111A/ZST111E Five Entry Power Gates

ZST112A/ZST112B Dual Two Entry Power Gates

ZSS110 Series - Typical Characteristics for Basic Gates

ZSD131A Five Entry Diode Expander

ZSF131B Bistable Circuit (J-K Flip-Flop)

ZSS131A/ZSS131B Four Entry Gates

ZSS133A/ZSS133B Dual Two Entry Gates

ZSS134A/ZSS134B Triple Inverter

ZSS135A/ZSS135B Five Entry Gates

ZSS136B Equivalence Element

ZSS137B Four Entry NOR/OR Gate

ZST131A/ZST131E Five Entry Power Gates

ZST132A/ZST132B Dual Two Entry Power Gates

ZST130 Series - Typical Characteristics for Basic Gates

ZST51A Five Entry Power Gate

ZST52A/ZST52B Dual Two Entry Power Gates

2 - PE M. O. S. T. P-Channel Ladder Structure

Megadyne Thin Film Microelectronics

Thin Film Coating Operations

Film Materials

Photoresist and Related Operations

Characteristics of Films

Assembly - Bonding, Packaging, Circuit Testing

Major Equipment

Standards and Testing - Quality Assurance

Microcircuits Inc. Hybrid Integrated Circuits

Circuit Development, Applications

Standard Resistor Specifications

Design Guidelines - Thick Film Circuits

Microtek Thick Film Resistor Capacitor Networks

Resistors - Standard Glassivated and Cofilm

Thick Film Capacitors

Rules to be Followed in Making Layouts

MTE IF-2 Universal IF Amplifier

Morganite Thick Film Circuits

Thick Films in Electronics - Advantages

Performance Data and Constructional Details

Standard Packages

Precision Metallised Ceramics

Motorola Integrated Circuits

MECL MC300 Series

Circuit Description, Definitions, Packages

MC306/MC307 Three Input Gates

MC301 Five Input Gate

MC309/MC310/MC311 Dual Two Input Gates

MC312A Dual Three Input Gate

MC313F Quad Two Input Gate

MC302 R-S Flip-Flop

MC308 AC-coupled J-K Flip-Flop

MC314 AC-coupled J-K Flip-Flop

MC303 Half Adder

MC304 Bias Driver

MC305 Gate Expander

MC315 Line Driver

MC316 Lamp Driver

MC317 MECL-to-Saturated Logic Translator

MC318 Saturated Logic-to-MECL Dual Translator

MECL MC350 Series

Circuit Description, Definitions, Packages

MC356/MC357 Three Input Gates

MC351 Five Input Gate

MC359/MC360/MC361 Dual Two Input Gates

MC362A Dual Three Input Gate

MC363F Quad Two Input Gate

MC352A R-S Flip-Flop

MC358A AC-coupled J-K Flip-Flop

MC364 AC-coupled J-K Flip-Flop

MC353 Half Adder

MC354 Bias Driver

MC355 Gate Expander

MC365 Line Driver

MC369G Dual Two Input Clock Driver and High Speed Gate

MC369F Dual Four Input Clock Driver and High Speed Gate

MC366 Lamp Driver

MC367 MECL-to-Saturated Logic Translator

MC368 Saturated Logic-to-MECL Translator

MTTL MC500/400 Series

MC650G Dual Three Input NAND/NOR Gate

MC651F Dual Four Input NAND/NOR Gate

MC652F/652G Gated R-S Flip-Flop

MHTL MC660P/661P Expandable Dual Four Input NAND/NOR Gates

MRTL MC700P Series

Summary of Types - Milliwatt MRTL (Low Power)

Summary of Types - MRTL (Medium Power)

MRTL MC700G Series

Summary of Types - Milliwatt RTL (Low Power)

Summary of Types - RTL (Medium Power)

MRTL MC800P Series

Summary of Types - Milliwatt MRTL (Low Power)

Summary of Types - MRTL (Medium Power)

MDTL MC930/MC830 Series

MC931G/MC831G Clocked Flip-Flops

MC945G/MC845G Clocked Flip-Flops

MC948G/MC848G Clocked Flip-Flops

MC931F/MC83IF Clocked Flip-Flops

MC945F/MC845F Clocked Flip-Flops

MC948F/MC848F Clocked Flip-Flops

MC933G/MC833G Dual Three-Four Input Expanders

MC933F/MC833F Dual Four Input Expanders

MC930G/MC830G Dual Two-Three Input NAND/NOR Gates

MC944G/MC844G Dual Two-Three Input Power Gates

MC930F/MC830F Dual Four Input NAND/NOR Gates

MC944F/MC844F Dual Four Input Power Gates

MC962F/MC862F Triple Three Input NAND/NOR Gates

MC946F/MC846F Quad Two Input NAND/NOR Gates

MC932G/MC832G Dual Two-Three Input Buffers

MC932F/MC832F Dual Four Input Buffers

MC950/MC850 Pulse Triggered Binary

MC951/MC851 Monostable Multivibrator


MC1004P/ 1005P/ 1006P Dual Four Input Gates

MC1007P/1008P/1009P Triple Three Input Gates

MC1010P/1011P/1012P Quad Two Input Gates

MC1013P 70 MHz AC-coupled J-K Flip-Flop

MC1017P Dual Level Translator (Saturated Logic-to-MECL)

MC1018P Level Translator (MECL-to-Saturated Logic)

MC1019P Full Adder

MC1020P Quad Line Receiver

MC1021P Full Subtractor

MC1024P Dual Two Input Expandable Gate

MC1025P Four and Five Input Expander

MC1027P 120 MHz AC-coupled J-K Flip-Flop

MC1525G/1526G Differential Amplifiers

MC1552G/1553G Video Amplifiers

MC1554G One Watt Power Amplifier

MC 1709 Operational Amplifier

MC1709C Operational Amplifier

MC 1710 Differential Voltage Comparator

Mullard Integrated Circuits

101 TAB Ring Modulator/Demodulator

182TAA Operational Amplifier

232TAA Wide Band Video Amplifier

243TAA Operational Amplifier

263TAA Linear IF Amplifier

270TAA Linear Audio Frequency Amplifier

293TAA General Purpose Amplifier

320TAA Metal-Oxide Silicon LF Pre-Amplifier

FC Series - DTL Integrated Logic Circuits - General Notes



FCH121 NAND/NOR dual Gate

FCH131 NAND/NOR dual Gate

FCH141 NAND/NOR Triple Gate

FCH151 NAND/NOR Triple Gate

FCH161 NAND/NOR Triple Gate

FCH171 NAND/NOR Triple Gate

FCH181 NAND/NOR Quadruple Gate

FCH191 NAND/NOR Quadruple Gate

FCH201 NAND/NOR Sextuple Inverter Gate

FCH211 NAND/NOR Sextuple Inverter Gate

FCH221 NAND/NOR Dual Line Driving Gate

Integrated Circuits Equivalents List. (Commercial and Military Types)



FCH122 NAND/NOR Dual Gate

FCH132 NAND/NOR Dual Gate

FCH142 NAND/NOR Triple Gate

FCH152 NAND/NOR Triple Gate

FCH162 NAND/NOR Triple Gate

FCH172 NAND/NOR Triple Gate

FCH182 NAND/NOR Quadruple Gate

FCH192 NAND/NOR Quadruple Gate

FCH202 NAND/NOR Sextuple Inverter Gate

FCH212 NAND/NOR Sextuple Inverter Gate

FCH222 NAND/NOR Dual Line Driving Gate

FCJ101 J-K Flip-Flop

FCJ102 J-K Flip-Flop

FCJ111 J-K Flip-Flop

FCK102 Monostable with Inverter

FCL102 Level Detector

FCY101 Triple Diode Array

FCY102 Triple Diode Array

FJH101 Single Eight Input NAND Gate

FJH111 Dual Four Input NAND Gate

FJH121 Triple Three Input NAND Gate

FJH131 Quadruple Two Input NAND Gate

FJH141 Dual Four Input Buffer Gate

FJH151 Dual AND-OR-NOT Two Level Logic Circuit

FJH161 Dual Two-plus-Two AND-OR-NOT Gate

FJH171 Quad AND-OR-NOT Gate

FJY101 Dual Four Input Expander

FJJ101 Single J-K Flip-Flop

FJJ111 Single Master-Slave J-K Flip-Flop

FJJ121 Dual J-K Master-Slave Flip-Flop

FJJ131 Edge-Triggered Dual D-type Flip-Flop

FKHlOl E2CL Dual AND/NAND Gate with OR Facility

FKH111 E2CL Dual AND/NAND Gate

FKH121 E2CL Single AND/NAND Line Driving Gate

FKH131 E2CL Single AND-OR/NAND Gate

FKH161 E2CL Double Output Six Input Gate

FKH171 E2CL Single AND-OR Gate

Norden Integrated Circuits

NM-1003/NM-1008 Eight Watt Servo Amplifier

NM-1005 Two Stage Differential Amplifier

NM-1032 General Purpose Differential Amplifier

NM-1038 Driver Switch

NM-2012/2002/2007 One Strobe Sense Amplifiers

NM-3025 Master Dice Breadboard

NM-3025 Typical Application

NM-4013 R-S Flip-Flop

NM-4014/NM-4015 Dual Four Input Clocked DTL NAND/NOR Gate

NM-4016 Multiple Driver Amplifier

NM-4017 Seven Input Clocked DTL NAND/NOR Gate

NM-4018 Triple High Level DTL NAND Gate

NSC Integrated Circuits

LM100 Voltage Regulator

A Versatile Monolithic Voltage Regulator (LM100 Applications Data)

LM200 Voltage Regulator

Designing Switching Regulators (LM100/LM200 Applications Data)

LM101 Operational Amplifier

A New Monolithic Operational Amplifier Design

(LM101 Applications Data)

LM201 Operational Amplifier

LM709 Operational Amplifier

LM709C Operational Amplifier

MM400 Dual Twenty-Five Bit Shift Register

Philco-Ford Integrated Circuits

PL9930 Series DTL - Description, Features, Ratings, Summary of types

PL9930-51/-59 Dual Four Input Gate

PL9946-51/-59 Quad Two Input Gate

PL9962-51/-59 Triple Three Input Gate

PL9608-51/-59 Hex Single Input Gate

PL9932-51/-59 Dual Four Input Buffer

PL9944-51/-59 Dual Four Input Power Gate

PL9933-51/-59 Dual Four Input Extender

PL9931-51/-59 R-S/J-K Master Slave Clocked Flip-Flop

PL9945-51/-59 R-S/J-K Master Slave Clocked Flip-Flop

PL9948-51/-59 R-S/J-K Master Slave Clocked Flip-Flop

E-Line DTL PE9930 Series - Description, Ratings, Summary of Types

PL9923/9926/9974 J-K Flip-Flops

PL9940A Master-Slave J-K Flip-Flop

PL9609 Twin Buffer

Super RTL Elements - Description, Ratings, Packaging

PL9600 J-K Flip-Flop

PL9601 J-K Flip-Flop

PL9602 Buffer

PL9603 Dual Three Input Gate

PL9604 Dual Three Input Expander

PL9605 Half Adder

Super RTL Elements - Applications Report

Micro Energy Logic (MEL) - Description, Ratings, Packaging

PL9986 Dual Three Input Buffer

PL9987 Dual Three Input Gate

PL9988 Clocked Register/Flip-Flop

PL9606/9607 Driver Gates

PL9610 Pulse Threshold Circuit

PL9611 Triple Level Shifter

PA7600 Broadband Amplifier

The PA7600 Wideband Amplifier in Video, I-F, R-F and Oscillator Applications

Problems of Common Coupling in the Application of High Gain Broadband Microelectronic Amplifiers

PA7601 Bandpass Amplifier

PA7601 Bandpass Amplifier : I-F Amplifier - R-F Amplifier (Applications Report)

PA7602 Utility Amplifier

The PA7602 Utility Amplifier. (Applications Report)

PA7702C High Gain Wide Band Amplifier

PA7703 RF-IF Amplifier

PA7709 High Performance Operational Amplifier

PA7710 High Speed Differential Comparator

PA7710C High Speed Differential Comparator

PA7711 Dual Voltage Comparator

PA7713 RF/IF/Video Amplifier

The Use of the PA7713 in Video, I-F and R-F Applications

pL4C01 MOS BCD Decade Counter

pL4G01 MOS Dual Four Input Gate

pL4G02 MOS BCD to Decimal Decoder

pL4G04 MOS Three Input NOR Gate

pL4G05 MOS Three Input NAND Gate

pL4M01 MOS Dual J-K Flip-Flop

pL4M02 MOS Binary Element

pL4S01 MOS Four Channel Analog Switch

pL5R32 MOS Shift Register (Dual Eight/Sixteen Bit)

pL5R40 MOS Shift Register (Dual Twenty Bit)

pL5R100 MOS Shift Register (Dual Fifty Bit)

MOS Monolithic Subsystems - A Revolution in Microelectronics

Historical Background of the MOS FET

MOS Monolithic Subsystems

Cost Reduction


Comparison of MOS and Standard Circuits in a Small Serial Computer

Device Fundamentals

Major Advantages of the MOS FET in Circuit Design

Implementation of Circuit Functions

Manufacturing an MOS FET

Plessey Integrated Circuits

SL20/21/22/23/24 Amplifiers - Description, Ratings, Characteristics

The SL20 Series and Some Applications

SL500 Series (Wideband Amplifiers)

Description, Ratings, Characteristics

SL500 Series of RF Amplifiers and Some Applications

SL700 Series (Operational or Instrumentation Amplifiers)

General Data

The SL700 Series and Applications

SL201B Amplifier

SL521A, B, C and SL571A, B, C, Wideband Amplifiers

ML101/102/153/154 MOSAIC Analogue Switches

MP224 MOSAIC Twenty-Four Bit Dynamic Shift Register

SP701/702/751/752 MOSAIC Driver Circuits

Thin Film Circuits - Introduction

Substrates and Interconnections



Precision Resistors, Additional Components, Packaging and Protection



T. F.C. 1002/1003/1004 Hermetic Encapsulations

Layout Stages

Resistor Network 423/1/02927

Precision Thin Film Networks for Decoding Equipment


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