Key Features

  • Simple and clear coverage of gross anatomy of the human body
  • Uses current nomenclature for anatomic terminology
  • Extensive labeling of structures and brief descriptive text
  • Seven body regions are depicted with 460 anatomical drawings
  • The reader identifies, labels, and colors each section, thereby learning or reinforcing anatomic knowledge and aiding the memory
  • The anatomist-artist author has a flair for creating clear and interesting anatomical depictions
  • Witty cartoons describe word origins in humorous and memorable fashion (anatomic terms are often cumbersome and somewhat complex, making them difficult to remember)

Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction and Thorax

Cartoon: The Four "Birds" of the Thorax
1 Planes of the body
2 Anatomic position
3 Some common movements
4 Skeletal landmarks (upper anterior)
5 Bones of the skeleton (lower anterior)
6 Skeletal landmarks (upper posterior)
7 Skeletal landmarks (lower posterior)
8 Muscles of anterior trunk
9 Muscles of anterior thorax and abdomen
10 Section through lactating breast
11 Fibrous supporting membranes in the breast
12 Lactating breast
Cartoon: Coracoid process and acromion
13 Skeletal landmarks (thorax and upper arm)
14 Skeletal landmarks (pelvis and hip)
15 Anterior thoracic muscles
16 Muscle attachments of the anterior thorax
17 Anterior thoracic wall seen from inside
18 Contents of thorax with anterior wall removed
19 Intercostal muscles
20 Intercostal muscles
21 Cross section of thoracic wall with intercostal arteries
22 Section of thoracic wall with intercostal arteries
23 Arteries of the thorax and upper arm
24 Thoracic spinal nerve
25 The pericardium
26 The interior of the posterior pericardial sac with the heart removed and the great vessels cut
27 Exterior of the heart
28 Interior of the heart
29 Trace the course of blood through the heart
30 The heart: ventricles exposed
31 Base and diaphragmatic surface of heart
32 Right atrium and right ventricle
33 Left ventricle
34 Heart valves and valve action
35 The four heart valves
Cartoon: Muscle
36 Coronary arteries (most common pattern)
37 Coronary veins
38 Cardiac conducting system
39 Cardiac fibrous skeleton
40 Aortic valve and its fibrous support
41 Nerves to the heart
42 Trachea, bronchi, and mediastinal surface of the lungs
43 Bronchopulmonary segments: left lung
44 Bronchopulmonary segments: right lung
45A Bronchopulmonary segment
45B Bronchopulmonary se


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