Anatomy & Physiology Online for The Human Body in Health and Illness (Access Code, and Textbook Package)

4th Edition

  • Print ISBN 9781437735857

Key Features

  • Over 300 full-color illustrations, photographs, and micrographs of anatomic structures, physiologic concepts, and disease processes.
  • More than 150 state-of-the-art, full-color animations with narration to clarify anatomic and physiologic processes and provide a realistic graphic foundation of underlying structures and functions.
  • Cardiac and respiratory audio segments that allow students to hear actual heart and lung sounds, including murmurs, friction rubs, crackles, and wheezes.
  • More than 300 interactive exercises using a variety of engaging activities such as identification, sequencing, crosswords, and more.
  • A complete glossary of terms with definitions and audio pronunciations to facilitate mastery of key terms and concepts.
  • Lesson self-assessment quizzes and module exams to assess student understanding of the content presented and provide feedback.
  • Especially for instructors, a full library of resources includes additional images, animations, and more for you to use however you choose.

Table of Contents

Module 1 Introduction to the Human Body

Module 2 Basic Chemistry

Module 3 Cells

Module 4 Microbiology Basics

Module 5 Tissues and Membranes

Module 6 Integumentary System and Body Temperature

Module 7 Skeletal System

Module 8 Muscular System

Module 9 Nervous System

Module 10 Sensory System

Module 11 Endocrine System

Module 12 Blood

Module 13 Heart

Module 14 Blood Vessels and Circulation

Module 15 Lymphatic System and Immune System

Module 16 Respiratory System

Module 17 Digestive System

Module 18 Urinary System

Module 19 Water, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance

Module 20 Reproductive Systems

Module 21 Human Development and Heredity


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