ANABIOTEC '92 focused on the further integration of biotechnology and analytical chemistry. The results of this symposium clearly demonstrated that a substantial progress could be reported in the application of both conventional and new analytical techniques, the latter essentially based on natural analytical tools such as biomolecules. The main themes covered during this meeting are fermentation monitoring, chromatography, instrumental analysis, biosensors and bioanalysis.

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A selection of the contents. Preface. Process Control. Monitoring and control of recombinant protein production (K. Schügerl et al.). Rapid and quantitative analysis of bioprocesses using pyrolysis mass spectrometry and neural networks: application to indole production (R. Goodacre, D.B. Kell). Characterization of a sampling unit based on tangential flow filtration for on-line bioprocess monitoring (T. Buttler, L. Gorton, G. Marko-Varga). Automated monitoring of biotechnological processes using on-line ultrafiltration and column liquid chromatography (N.C. Van de Merbel et al.). On-line monitoring of penicillin V during penicillin fermentations: a comparison of two different methods based on flow-injection analysis (M. Carlsen et al.). Development of an on-line method for the monitoring of vicinal diketones and their precursors in beer fermentation (C. Mathis et al.). Monitoring of fermentation by infrared spectrometry. Alcoholic and lactic fermentations (D. Picque et al.). Chromatography and other Separation Techniques. Chromatographic analysis of biopolymers distribution in "poly-hemoglobin", an intermolecularly crosslinked hemoglobin solution (J. Simoni, G. Simoni, M. Feola). Application of multivariate mathematical-statistical methods for the comparison of the retention behaviour of porous graphitized carbon and octadecylsilica columns (E. Forgács, T. Cserháti, B. Bordás). Antibodies. Catalytic antibodies: new developments (R. Hilhorst). Biosensors. Measurements of nitric oxide in biological materials using a porphyrinic microsensor (T. Malinski et al.). Reusable fiber-optic-based immunosensor for rapid detection of imazethapyr herbicide (R.B. Wong, N. Anis, M.E. Eldefrawi). Biosensor monitoring of blood lactate during open-heart surgery (M. Kyröläinen et al.). Instrumental Techniq


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