The twenty-seven papers cover recent advances in both empirical and theoretical aspects of man-machine interaction with special emphasis on the subjects of man-automation and man-computer interaction. They provide information on a subject which has grown rapidly in importance during recent years.


For engineers and computer scientists working in the fields of automatic control and information processing.

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Plenary Paper I. Knowledge engineering for industrial expert systems, G Johannsen & J L Alty. Decision Support Systems. Multiobjective decision support system for manpower planning, Zhang Guo Qing et al. Supervisory Control and Modelling. Two approaches for man-computer cooperation in supervisory tasks, P Millot et al. Knowledge-Based Systems. User-friendly expert systems for turbine/generator vibration diagnosis, S Matsumura. Plenary Paper II. A man-machine system approach in the field of rehabilitation: a challenge or a necessity, H G Stassen et al. Manual Control. A Robust control model of human tracking performance, L Wang & X L Kong. Man-Machine Interaction. Loading patterns by users of a local automated network, H C Ratz. Plenary Paper III. Emerging trends in present and future aircraft cockpit designs: chanllenges in anlysis, design and evaluation, J-J Speyer. Human Performance. The prediction of human performance safety with event trees, G Heslinga & H G Stassen. Cognitive Processes. Adaptive user interfaces in man machine systems - a review of the applicability of connectionist learning mechanisms, K F Kraiss. Industrial Plants. A human-computer interaction approach for parameter estimation of multi-fuel boilers, Wang Ding Wei. Author index. Keyword index.


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