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American Microelectronics Data Annual 1964–65 - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080110646, 9781483185491

American Microelectronics Data Annual 1964–65

1st Edition

Editors: G. W. A. Dummer J. Mackenzie Robertson
eBook ISBN: 9781483185491
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1964
Page Count: 960
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American Microelectronics Data Annual 1964-65 provides comprehensive information on different microelectronics available in the U.S.
The microelectronics covered in the text includes thin film, semiconductor, and integrated and hybrid circuit assemblies. The selection also provides an index that can be utilized for locating assemblies by the virtue of circuit function or design category. Information on the techniques essential in the practice of microelectronics is also included. The book will be of great use to student and professional electronics engineers and technicians.

Table of Contents

AEROJET-General Microwelder Mark II

AEROTRONIC Associates Model 470 Micro Logic Life/Aging System

Alpha Microelectronics Custom Facilities

AMELCO Integrated Microcircuits

Type 'Β' Buffer

Type 'C' Counter-Adapter

Type 'F' Flip-Flop

Type 'G' Three Input Gate

Type 'H' Half-Adder

Type 'S' Half-Shift Register

J11001 Four Input Gate

Gl1001 Five Input Gate

L11001 Dual Two Input Gate

M11001 Dual Three Input Gate

B12001 Three Input Buffer Amplifier

G12002/G12003 Two, Three and Four Input NAND/NOR

AUTONETICS Microelectronics

Two-dimensional Approach

Integrated Circuit Approach

Hybrid Approach

Bendix: The Bendix Semiconductor Division Approach to Monolithic Microcircuits


Steps of Fabrication

Tentative Specifications for Active Slices (Amplifier and Switching)

BUNKER-RAMO Thin Film Hybrid Microcircuits

Burroughs: Thin Film Memory Planes


Behavior of Thin Film Memory Elements

Thin Film Operating Characteristics

Product Information (Thin Film Memory Planes Bip-1000 and Bip-1001)

Applications Information (Noise-Magnetic Shielding - The Transformer-Diode Matrix - Current Drivers - The Information Driver - The Sense Amplifier)

CENTRALAB 'PEC' Packaged Electronic Circuits

Properties of 'PEC' resistors

'PEC' Packaged Transistor Amplifiers

Type YAD-006-01 Four-Stage Amplifier

Type YAD-006-02 Four-Stage Amplifier

Type YAD-006-03f6u Four-Stage Amplifier

Type YAD-009-01f6u Three-Stage Amplifier

Type YAD-013-01a6h Four-Stage Amplifier

Consolidated Reactive Metals: Semiconductor Alloy Data

CTS Cermet Microminiature Modules

Thin Film Cermet Capacitors

'Cerafer' Series of Resistor Wafers, Microelements and Modules

'Ceradot' Cermet Pellet Resistors

Fairchild: Characteristics and Applications of Micrologic Elements


Choice of Circuit and Characteristics of DCTL Micrologic Elements

Applications of Micrologic Elements


Shift Registers

Full Adders

Code Conversion

Two's And Nine's Complementers

Re-clocking Circuit

Some Considerations on Integrated Circuit Assembly Techniques

Reliability Considerations



Fairchild Planar Epitaxial Micrologic

Type 900 BuffeR

Type 901 Counter Adapter

Type 902 Flip-flop

Type 903 Three Input Gate

Type 907 Four Input Gate

Type 914 Dual Two Input Gate

Type 904 Half Adder

Type 905 Half Shift Register

Type 906 Half Shift Register (without Inverter)

Type 915 Dual Three Input Gate

Type 916 JK Flip-flop

Assured Customer Test Program

Graphic Symbols for Logic Diagrams (MIL Standard 806-B)

Fairchild Planar Epitaxial Milliwatt Micrologic

Type 908 Adder

Type 909 Buffer

Type 910 Dual Gate

Type 911 Gate

Type 912 Half Adder

Type 913 Type D Flip-flop

Type 921 Gate Expander

Assured Customer Test Program

General Instrument: 'Multichip' Technique

General Description

Active Device Parameters



Construction Layout

Design Procedure

Functional Tests



G.I. Standard Microcircuit Packages

General Instrument Digital Microcircuits

Type NC-8/PC-8 Flip-flop

Type NC-9/PC-9 Steering Gate

Type PC-13 RST Flip-flop

Type NC-10 Four Input Gate

Type PC-14 Dual Three Input Gate

Type PC-10 Six Input Gate

Type NC-11 Four Input Gate

Type PC-15 Dual Three Input Gate

Type PC-11 Six Input Gate

Type NC-12/PC-12 Buffer Amplifier

Type NC/PC-101 Video Amplifier

General Microelectronics Integral Logic Circuits

Gate Element (G)

Dual Gate Element (D)

Adder Element (A)

Exclusive or Element, Half Adder (H)

Buffer Element (B)

Expander Gate (E)

Register Element (R)

Dual Three Input Gate Element D3

High Power Dual Three Input RTL Gate

Dual Four and Eight Input Gates

Five Input Gate

GME Tentative Test Specification for Low Power Multi-Logic

GME Integral Circuit Logic Tester, Model 6756

GME Integral Circuit Production Test Facility, Model 6301

Hamilton Standard Microminiature Electronics

Module 100 (Flip-flop)

Module 101 (NAND Gate)

Module 102 (NOR Gate)

Module 200 (Flip-flop)

Module 300 (Servo Amplifier)

Honeywell Integrated Circuits

Type MHM1001/MHM1101 Darlington Amplifiers

Type MHM2001/MHM2201 Power Darlington Amplifiers

Type MHM4001 NOR/OR Gate

Type MHM4101 Double Gate

Type MHM4201 Adder

Type MHM4301 Half Adder

Type MHM4401 Buffer

Type MHM4501 Register

Type MHM3001 NAND Gate

Type MHM3101 AND/NOT Gate

Type MHM3201 Set-Reset-Preset Flip-flop

Type MHM3301 Dual-ranked System Flip-flop

Hughes Integrated Circuits

XM3001 (DM105) Dual Four Input NAND Gate

XM3002 (DM104) Eight Input NAND Gate

XM4100 (DM101) Differential Amplifier

XM4200 (DM102) Operational Amplifier

XM4300 (DM103) Preamplifier

INTELLUX Microcircuit Logic Modules

Types ST1514B and ST1524B (Schmitt Triggers)

Type MV1050 (Multivibrator)

Types GB750 and GB1050 (NOR Gate and Buffer)

Types GG750 and GG1050 (Double NOR Gates)

Types FF750 and FF1050 (Flip-flops)

IRC Hybrid Microcircuits: Advantages, Characteristics, Construction



Types of Microcircuits

When to Use a Hybrid Microcircuit

Design and Construction of Hybrid Microcircuits

Testing and Quality Control

Application Engineering Services

Type HL902 Three Stage Audio Amplifier

Type HD903 and HD905 NOR/NAND Gates

KEUFFEL and ESSER "Cut 'n' Strip" Film for Microcircuit Masters

KULICKE and SOFFA Component Mounting Machine, Model 146

Integrated Circuit Assembly Machine, Model 410

Steady State Multi-Component Bonder, Model 607

Duplex Dice Mounter, Model 604

Probe-Marker Head, Model 341

Mallory Pellet Circuit Assembly Techniques:


Multiple Pellet Interconnections - X, Z, XY, XZ and XYZ Packs

Conductor Path Identification

Pellet Interconnection Methods

Effect of Soldering on Pellet Components

Oven Soldering

Fixtures for Oven Soldering

Module Environmental Protection

Module Reliability

Compatibility with Solid Circuits


Examples of Mallory Pellet Component Packaging 238

MANN Continuous Process Photo-mask System:





Steps in Preparation of Masks

Type 1003 Reduction Camera

Type 992A Master Reticle Alignment Instrument

Type 1080 Photo-repeater

MELPAR Semiconductor Integrated Circuits

Type MM1001 Single NAND Gate

Type MM1003 RS Flip-flop

Type MM1004 Operational Amplifier

Motorola 'MECL1 Integrated Circuits

System Design with MECL Integrated Circuit Logic Blocks


Logical and Electrical Characteristics of Standard MECL Units

MECL Logic Design Considerations

Bias Considerations for the MECL Series


Motorola Integrated Circuits

Type MC201 and MC202 NAND/NOR Gates

Type MC203 Diode and Gate

Type MC204 Power Gate

Type MC205 Line Driver

Type MC206 Dual NAND/NOR Gate

Type MC209 Flip-flop

Type MC301 Five Input Logic Gate

*Type MC302 Flip-flop (Set-Reset)

*Type MC303 Half Adder

*Type MC304 Bias Driver

*Type MC305 Gate Expander

*Type MC306 and MC307 Three Input Logic Gates

*Type MC309, MC310 and MC311 Dual Two Input Gates

Type MC1111 Diode and Gate (3-4)

Type MC1112 Diode and Gate (2-2-2)

Type MC1113 Diode and Gate (1-1-1-2)

Type MC1114 Eight Diode and Gate

Type MCI 115 Dual Inverter

Type MC1116, MC1117 and MC1118 Multi-diode Gates

Type USN MEI Diode and Gate (3-4)

Type USN ME2 Diode and Gate (2-2-2)

Type USN ME3 Diode and Gate (1-1-1-2)

Type USN ME4 Eight Diode and Gate

Type USN ME5 Dual Inverter

Type USN ME6 Nine Diode Common P Gate

Type USN ME7 Nine Diode Common N Gate

Type USN ME8 Sixteen Diode Series/Parallel Matrix

*Type MCI 110 Emitter Coupled Amplifier

Tuned Amplifier Design with Motorola's MCI 110 Integrated Circuit Amplifier:


DC Considerations


Design of Tuned Amplifiers



MECL Type)

Type MC1514 DC Comparator

Type MC 1515 and MC 1516 High Input Impedance Amplifiers

Type MC1517 Operational Amplifier

Motorola 'Customline' Diode-Transistor Logic Integrated Circuits:


Circuit Availability


Configurations and Coding

Testing of Completed Circuits

MYCALEX 'Supramica1 Flat Packages for Integrated Circuits

Optimized Devices Integrated Circuit Test System, Model 2500

PHILCO Custom Hybrid Thin-Film Circuits

Micrologic and Milliwatt Micrologic

Raytheon: Shift Registers Using Integrated NOR Gates

Raytheon 'Planex' Integrated Circuits

Type RC-103 NOR Gate

Type RC-144 dual NOR Gate

Type RC-1031 NOR Gate

Type RC-1032 NOR Gate

Type RC-1033 NOR Gate

RCA: General Information on RCA Micromodules

Typical Microelements

Micromodule Construction and Geometry

Advantages of Micromodule Construction

Examples of Construction

Environmental Tests

Basic Micromodule Laboratory Kit

RCA Micromodules for Digital Computer Applications - General Data

Type DM-1437 Monostable Multivibrator

Type DM-1538 Non-inverting Power Amplifier

Booklet Assemblies for Digital Computer Applications

RCA Developmental Type Micromodules

Type DM0013A Divider

Type DM0014A Gate

Type DM0015A IF Amplifier (4.3 Mc)

Type DM0016A IF Limiter (4.3 Me)

Type DM0017A Discriminator (4.3 Mc)

Type DM0018A Audio Amplifier

Type DM0020A RF Amplifier (49.4 Mc)

Type DM0021A Mixer (4.3 Mc)

Type DM0022A Sawtooth Generator

Type DM0023B Time Modulator

Type DM0024A Oscillator (192 Kc)

Type DM0025A Clipper

Type DM0026B Pulse Shaper

Type DM0027A Output Amplifier

Type DM0028B Pulse Generator

Type DM0030 Converter

Type DM0031 IF Amplifier (455 Kc)

Type DM0032 IF Amplifier (455 Kc)

Type DM0033 Detector

Type DM0034 Audio Amplifier

Type DM0035A Audio Amplifier

SIGNETICS Integrated Circuits - General Data

'VariFEB' Customized Integrated Circuits

Signetics Integrated Circuits

Type SE101 and SE102 NAND/NOR Gates

Type SEI05 and Gate/Diode Array

Type SEI 10 NAND/NOR Power Gate

Type SEI 15 Dual NAND/NOR, Exclusive-OR Gate

Type SE124 binary element

Type SE150 Line Driver

Type SE160 Monostable Multivibrator

Type CS700 and CS701 Dual NAND/NOR Gates

Type CS704 Binary Element

Type CS705 and CS709 Dual Diode Array/AND Gate

Solid State Electronics Series 2000 'Micromods'

Model MML12001 Logic Inverter (½ Flip-flop)

Model MMSC2002 Steering Circuit (Two Circuits)

Model MMA02003 AND/OR Gates

Model MMCA2004 Clock and Gate

Model MMA02005 AND/OR Gates (Two Circuits)

Model MMSG2006 Supplementary Gates

Model MM2007 Emitter Follower

SPRAGUE Microelectronics:


Semiconductor Integrated Circuits

Thin-Film Integrated Circuits

Microminiature Assemblies

Sprague Thin-Film 'Ceracircuit' Microcircuits

Type UC-1500A General-purpose Amplifier

A General Purpose Ceramic-Base Thin-Film Microcircuit Amplifier


Circuit Description

Circuit Performance


Typical Characteristics



Type UC-1501A '84 DB' Amplifier

Type UC-1502A '80 DB' Phase Splitter

Type UC-1503A '60 DB' Amplifier

Type UC-1504A '58 DB' Phase Splitter

Type UC-1505A '40 DB' Amplifier

Type UC-1506A '39 DB' Phase Splitter 510

Type UC-1507A '34 DB' Amplifier

Type UC-1508A Audio Limiter

Type UC-1509A '22 DB' Pulse Distribution Amplifier and Limiter

Type UC-1510A 'Unity Gain' Pulse Distribution Amplifier and Limiter

Sylvania integrated circuits

Reliability Evaluation

Sylvania 'SUHL' Logic Circuits

Type SFF-1A and SFF-1B Set-Reset Flip-flops

Type SFF-2A and SFF-2B Set-Reset Trigger Flip-flops

Type SFF-11 Set-Reset Flip-flop

Type SFF-12 Set-Reset Trigger Flip-flop

Type SNG-4A and SNG-4B Dual NAND/NOR Gates

Type SNG-5A and SNG-5B NAND-OR Gates

Type SNG-6A and SNG-6B High Fan-in NAND/NOR Gates

Type SNG-9A NAND-OR Gate

Type SNG-10A Voter Gate

Type SNG-11 NAND-OR Gate

Type SNG-12 NAND/NOR Gate

Type SNG-14 Dual NAND/NOR Gate

Type SNG-15 NAND-OR Gate

Type SNG-16 NAND/NOR Gate

Type SNG-17 dual NAND-OR Expander

Type SNG-18 and Expander Gate

Type SNG-19 NAND-OR Gate

Type SNG-20 NAND-OR (Voter) Gate

Type SNG-21 NAND/OR Gate

Type SNG-22 NAND/NOR Gate

TEKTRONIX Digital Readout System, Type S-3101

Texas Instrument Semiconductor Networks

Texas Instruments Series 51 Semiconductor Networks (Application Report:


Series 51 Networks and Logic Design

Equipment Design Considerations

Typical Applications

Breadboarding Techniques

Type SN510 and SN511 Reset-Set Flip-flop Counters

Type SN512 and SN513 NOR or NAND Gates

Type SN514 Dual NOR or NAND Gate

Type SN516A Triple Gate

Type SN517A Clock Driver

Type SN518A One Shot

Type SN519A Pulse Exclusive OR

Texas Instruments Series 52 Semiconductor Networks (Application Report, with Network Data Included)


Circuit Description

Gain Setting and Phase Compensation Techniques

Equipment Design Considerations

Typical Applications

Series 53 Networks

Type SN530 J-K Flip-flop Counter

Type SN531 NAND or NOR Gate

Type SN532 and or OR Gate

Type SN533 NAND or NOR Gate

Type SN534 dual and or OR Gate

Type SN535 Clock Driver/Buffer Network

Texas Instruments Minuteman Type Semiconductor Networks

Type SN336A Level Detector

Type SN337A Flip-flop

Type SN340A Low Level Switch

Type SN342A Read Preamplifier

Type SN344A, 341A, 347A and 359A NAND or NOR Gates

Type SN345A Write Switch

Type SN343A and SN346A Input Network and Output Driver

Type SN348A Matrix Switch

Type SN354A Demodulator Chopper

Type SN355A Driver Switch

Type SN717A, 350A, 351A and 352A General Purpose Amplifiers

Texas Instruments Dynamically Controlled Welder, Model CPWA-296

Integrated Circuit Tester, Model 659A

Molecular Electronic PCM Telemetry Encoder

VARO: Design Considerations for Thin-Film Microcircuits


Conversion and Design Criteria

Actual Circuit Conversion

The Microbloc Concept


Varo Thin-Film Microcircuits

Model 8102 NOR Circuit

Model 8105 Flip-flop

Model 8107 Flip-flop

Model 8200 Flip-flop

Model 8201 Amplifier

Model 8202 Dual Amplifier

Model 8203 One Shot Multivibrator

Model 8204 OR/NOR Gate

Model 8205 Pulse Shaper

Model 8207 and 8208 Diode and Gates

Model 8209 and 8210 Diode and Gates

Model 8213 Line Driver

Model 8214 NAND Gate

Model 8502 AC Amplifier

Vector Hybrid Thin-Film Integrated Circuits

Model MMA-10 Mixer Amplifier

Model MM0-10 Subcarrier Oscillator

Wells Electronics 'Weltek' Miniwelder, Model 500

Westinghouse: Molecular Circuits, Applications and Design Considerations


Equivalent Circuit Parameters for Functional Blocks

Typical Applications of Functional Electronic Blocks

Molecular Electronics Interconnection Techniques


State of the Art

Westinghouse Functional Electronic Blocks

Type WM-201 Dual NAND Gate

Type WM-202 RS Flip-flop

Type WM-204 Single NAND Gate

Type WM-1101 RF Amplifier

Type WM-1102 Oscillator-mixer

Type WM-1103 IF Amplifier

Type WM-1104 Detector

Type WM-1105 Audio Amplifier

Type WM-1106 Video Amplifier

Type WM-1109 Audio Amplifier

Type WM-1110 Two-stage Darlington Amplifier

Type WM-1111 Double Unipolar

Type WM-1205 Audio Amplifier

Type WM-1208 Unibi Audio Amplifier

Type WM-2103 Binary Counter

Westinghouse Flat-Paks for Functional Electronic Blocks


Flat-pak Design Considerations

Flat-pak Structure

Flat-pak Manufacturing Procedures

Functional Electronic Block Encapsulation Procedures

Environmental Data

Package Types

Flat-pak Package Descriptions


No. of pages:
© Pergamon 1964
1st January 1964
eBook ISBN:

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G. W. A. Dummer

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