The treatment and disposal of sewage sludge is an expensive and environmentally sensitive problem that is growing worldwide. Sludge production is increasing whilst previously accepted methods for disposal are coming under pressure or even being phased out altogether so there is now an urgency to find cost-effective and innovative solutions that appease environmental and public pressures. The purpose of the conference recorded in these proceedings was to review the range of alternative disposal/recycling options for sewage sludge. The alternative uses considered are in land reclamation, forestry, compost and soil production, landfill, incineration, and energy and resource recovery. The papers presented include recent research findings and technological developments, as well as operational implementation of schemes, showing that beneficial re-use of sludge can be entirely compatible with a cost-effective and environmentally sensitive approach to sludge disposal.


For plant managers and designers, planners and policy-makers and all engineers involved in sludge management.

Table of Contents

Section headings and selected papers: Editor's preface. Land Reclamation. The potential value of sewage sludge in land reclamation, K L Byrom & A D Bradshaw. Reclamation of acidic soils treated with industrial sludge, D Daudin et al. Experiences of the usage of heavy amounts of sewage sludge for reclaiming opencast mining areas and amelioration of very steep and stony vineyards, W Werner et al. Forestry. Sewage sludge utilisation in forestry: the UK research programme, C D Bayes et al. Utilisation of dehydrated sludge from Marseille's purification station in forestry, G Lavergne. Long-term effects of sewage sludge application in a conifer plantation on a sandy soil, S E Olesen & H S Mark. Landfill and Incineration. Co-disposal of sewage sludge and domestic waste in landfills: laboratory and field trials, N C Blakey. Environmental aspects of landfilling sewage sludge, D Beker & J J Van Den Berg. The use of sewage sludge as a fuel for its own disposal, P Lowe & J Boutwood. Other Uses. Economics and marketing of urban sludge composts in the EEC, J-L Martel. Energy from sludge, R C Frost & A M Bruce. Resource recovery through unconventional uses of sludge, M D Webber.


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