Alternative Careers in Science

2nd Edition

Leaving the Ivory Tower

Print ISBN: 9780125893763
eBook ISBN: 9780080454986
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 26th August 2005
Page Count: 320
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Many science students find themselves in the midst of graduate school or sitting at a lab bench, and realize that they hate lab work! Even worse is realizing that they may love science, but science (at least academic science) is not providing many job opportunities these days. What's a poor researcher to do !? This book gives first-hand descriptions of the evolution of a band of hardy scientists out of the lab and into just about every career you can imagine. Researchers from every branch of science found their way into finance, public relations, consulting, business development, journalism, and more - and thrived there! Each author tells their personal story, including descriptions of their career path, a typical day, where to find information on their job, opportunities to career growth, and more. This is a must-read for every science major, and everyone who is looking for a way to break out of their career rut.

Key Features

  • An insider's look at the wide range of job opportunities for scientists yearning to leave the lab
  • First-person stories from researchers who successfully made the leap from science into finance, journalism, law, public policy, and more.
  • Tips on how to track down and get that job in a new industry
  • Typical day scenarios for each career track
  • List of resources (websites, associations, etc.) to help you in your search
  • Completely revised, this latest edition includes six entirely new chapters


Graduate students and professionals in all disciplines of the life sciences

Table of Contents

Preface Contributors A Scientist Gone Bad

Science and Information Technical Writing: Making Sense out of manuals Science Writing for Newspapers: Communicating with the Masses Building a Publishing Empire Business Information Services: Providing Data for the Industry

The Financial World Venture Capital for Fun and Profit Investment Banking: Dreams and Reality Wall Street Analyst: Moving Science from the Bench to the Investor

The Corporate World How To Start Your Own Company and Survive! Business Development: Making Deals with Science Becoming a Manager: From pure research to administration Regulatory Affairs: Keeping Product Development on Track Patent Law: Protecting The Intellectual Property of Science Medical Director: From the Bench to the Clinic Sales and Marketing Technology Transfer: Enabling the commercialization of Science

Providing Services to Companies Corporate Communications: Helping Companies Sell their Story Executive Search: Looking for Talent in all the right places Consultant to the Stars: Advising CEOs for Fun and Profit BioMedical Consulting: Technology Assessment, Strategic Planning, and Grant Writing

Science Careers in Government Science and Public Policy Economic Development Advisor: Building a Biotech Industry for and Entire Country Government Agencies: Directing Science in the Military Appendix Information Resources by Cynthia Robbins-Roth


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"After my Ph.D. I realized that although I enjoyed science, I felt that my skills might be better applied to enabling the application of science within a more commercial context. Reading the experiences of others in this book gave me the confidence to move into another area of work. After spending two years in university technology transfer, I now negotiate Strategic Alliances on behalf of Pfizer and use my scientific knowledge and experience on a day-to-day basis." -Philip McGurk, Pfizer, California, U.S.A.