The scope of the volume includes all algorithmic and computational aspects of research on combinatorial designs. Algorithmic aspects include generation, isomorphism and analysis techniques - both heuristic methods used in practice, and the computational complexity of these operations. The scope within design theory includes all aspects of block designs, Latin squares and their variants, pairwise balanced designs and projective planes and related geometries.

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Computation of Some Parameters of Lie Geometries (A.E. Brouwer and A.M. Cohen). Performance of Subset Generating Algorithms (M. Carkeet and P. Eades). The Computational Complexity of Finding Subdesigns in Combinatorial Designs (C.J. Colbourn M.J. Colbourn and D.R. Stinson). Algorithmic Aspects of Combinatorial Designs: A Survey (M.J. Colbourn). Algorithms to Find Directed Packings (J.E. Dawson). Four Orthogonal One-Factorizations on Ten Points (J.H. Dinitz and W.D. Wallis). A Problem of Lines and Intersections with an Application to Switching Networks (D.Z. Du, F.K. Hwang and G.W. Richards). A Census of Orthogonal Steiner Triple Systems of Order 15 (P.B. Gibbons). Derived Steiner Triple Systems of Order 15 (M.J. Grannell and T.S. Griggs). A Survey of Results on the Number of t-(v,k,lambda) Designs (H.-D.O.F. Gronau). Directing Cyclic Triple Systems (J.J. Harms). Constructive Enumeration of Incidence Systems (A.V. Ivanov). Construction Procedures for t-Designs and the Existence of New Simple 6-Designs (E.S. Kramer, D.W. Leavitt and S.S. Magliveras). Tables of Parameters of BIBDs with r < 41 including Existence, Enumeration and Resolvability Results (R. Mathon and A. Rosa). On the Existence of Strong Kirkman Cubes of Order 39 and Block Size 3 (A. Rosa and S.A. Vanstone). Hill-Climbing Algorithms for the Construction of Combinatorial Designs (D.R. Stinson).


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