Alcohol and Aldehyde Metabolizing Systems - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780126914030, 9781483265384

Alcohol and Aldehyde Metabolizing Systems

1st Edition

Intermediary Metabolism and Neurochemistry

Editors: Ronald G. Thurman John R. Williamson Henry R. Drott
eBook ISBN: 9781483265384
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 1st January 1977
Page Count: 698
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Alcohol and Aldehyde Metabolizing Systems, Volume III: Intermediary Metabolism and Neurochemistry contains some of the papers presented at the Second International Symposium on Alcohol and Aldehyde Metabolizing Systems, held at the University of Pennsylvania in October 1976. Experts in the field from a wide variety of backgrounds tackled the problems of alcohol and aldehyde metabolism, discussed research findings, and examined controversial issues such as the effects of alcohol and aldehydes on intermediary metabolism.

Comprised of 64 chapters, this volume begins with an analysis of the non-equilibrium behavior of biochemical systems, followed by a discussion on the configurational specificity of glycolytic enzymes. The reader is methodically introduced to redox compartmentation and the measurement of intracellular compartmentation of metabolites in rat liver; effect of chronic alcohol and oxygen tension on the development of hepatic necrosis in rats; and actions of ethanol metabolism on fatty acid synthesis in the liver. Subsequent chapters focus on regional metabolic rate in the central nervous system as related to function; effects of tetrahydroisoquinoline derivatives of catecholamines and aldehydes on tyrosine hydroxylase; and lowering of blood acetaldehyde levels as a therapeutic approach to alcoholism.

This book will be of value to practitioners and researchers from a variety of disciplines, including neurochemistry, biochemistry, physiology, cell biology, and pharmacology.

Table of Contents

List Of Participants


Biochemical Compartmentation

Nonequilibrium Behavior of Biochemical Systems

Configurational Specificity of Glycolytic Enzymes

Interaction of the ADP, ATP Transport with the System of Oxidative Phosphorylation

Measurement of Intracellular Compartmentation of Metabolites in Rat Liver

Redox Compartmentation: A Survey with Emphasis on Current Problems

Possible Metabolic Zonation of Liver Parenchyma into Glucogenic and Glycolytic Hepatocytes

Intermediary Metabolism

Oxygen Uptake by Isolated Liver Cells from Ethanol-Fed Rats

Effect of Chronic Alcohol and Oxygen Tension on the Development of Hepatic Necrosis in Rats

Mechanism of Increased Hepatic Oxygen Uptake due to Ethanol

The Effect of Ethanol on the Metabolism of [1-14C] Palmitate in Perfused Rat Liver

Specific and Nonspecific Effects of Long-Term Administration of Ethanol on Hepatic Fatty Acid Synthesis and Its Role in the Development of Fatty Liver

Effect of Ethanol on the Number of Tritium Atoms Incorporated from Tritiated Water into Hepatic Cholesterol during Its Biosynthesis from Mevalonate in Vivo

Actions of Ethanol Metabolism on Fatty Acid Synthesis in the Liver

Reduced Protein Synthesis in Isolated Rat Liver Parenchymal Cells due to Ethanol

New in Vitro Thiamin Reactions Catalyzed by Rat Tissues

Effect of Ethanol on Folate Deficiency in Rats

Liver Prolyl Hydroxylase as an Indicator of Fibrogenesis in Alcoholic Cirrhosis

Isotope Effect in Metabolism of 3H-Ethanol

Oxidation of Reducing Equivalents during Ethanol Metabolism. Studies with 1-3H-Ethanol

The Oxidation of Acetaldehyde by Rat Hepatic, Non-Hepatic and Tumor Mitochondria

Ethanol-Oxidizing Enzymes in Transplantable Hepatocellular Carcinoms

Compartmentation of Metabolites between Cytosol and Mitochondria in Rat Liver Cells

Thermodynamic Aspects of Hydrogen Transfer via the Malate-Aspartate Shuttle under Conditions of Steady-State Phosphorylation and Reduction Potentials

Effect of Acute Murine Hepatitis (MHV-A-59) on Ethanol Oxidation in Vivo

Changes of Microsomal Steroid-4en-5α-Reductase Activity in Rat Liver by Alcohol Feeding. Effect of Phenobarbital-Treatment and Feeding Standard or Low Protein Diets

Acetaldehyde Oxidation by Isolated Hepatic Aldehyde Dehydrogenase, Mitochondria and Parenchymal Cells, and by Perfused Intact Liver of the Rat

Hepatic Acetaldehyde Metabolism during Ethanol Oxidation

Stimulation of Hepatic Acetaldehyde Uptake in Perfused Rat Liver by Fructose

Mechanism of the Fructose Effect on Ethanol Oxidation

Effectiveness of Fructose in the Management of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome in Man

In Vivo Metabolism of Ethanol at High and Low Concentrations

The Role of Alcohol Dehydrogenase in Governing Rates of Ethanol Metabolism in Rats

Studies on the Role of the ADH Pathway in Increased Ethanol Elimination after Chronic Alcohol Intake in the Rat and Man

Factors Altering the Rate of Alcohol Metabolism in Hepatocytes

Regulation of Alcohol Oxidation in Man: Inhibition (Fasting) and Stimulation (Phenobarbital Treatment or Chronic Alcohol Consumption) Is Equalized by Fructose Infusion

Inverse Distribution of Glycolytic and Gluconeogenic Enzymes in the Liver Lobule

Pharmacokinetics and Hydroxylation of Phenazone in Chronic Alcoholism

Urinary Electrolytes and Diuresis in Hangover

Metabolism of Pyrazole in the Rat

Effects of Dietary Ethanol and Disulfiram Metabolites in Weanling Rats

Determination of Disulfiram and Metabolites in Plasma and Tissue

Interactions between Ethanol and 4-Methylpyrazole in the Rat

Neurochemistry and Neuropharmacology

Control of Metabolic Systems in Brain

Regional Metabolic Rate in Central Nervous System as Related to Function

Distribution and Regulation of Cyclic Nucleotides Levels in Brain, in Vivo

The Effect of Bilateral Ischemia and Recirculation on Energy Reserves and Cyclic Nucleotides in the Cerebral Cortex of Gerbils

Regional Distribution of Amino Acid Neurotransmitters and Transmitter Candidates

Acetaldehyde and Withdrawal

Studies on the Effects of Tetrahydroisoquinoline Derivatives of Catecholamines and Aldehydes on Tyrosine Hydroxylase

Acetaldehyde Occurrence in Cerebrospinal Fluid and Its Dependence on the Blood Level and on Aldehyde Dehydrogenase Inhibitors

Lowering of Blood Acetaldehyde Levels as a Therapeutic Approach to Alcoholism

New Strains of Rats with Alcohol Preference and Non-Preference

Alcohol Drinking Induced in the Rat after Chronic Injections of Tetrahydropapaveroline (THP), Salsolinol or Noreleagnine in the Brain

Ethanol and Acetaldehyde Metabolism during Ethanol Consumption

Ethanol, Not Acetaldehyde, Determines Severity of Withdrawal Seizures in Mice

Changes of Brain Cyclic Nucleotides Induced by Ethanol Administration and Withdrawal

Kinetics of Alterations in Brain Cyclic AMP Levels during Ethanol Treatment and Withdrawal

Effect of p-Chlorophenylalanine on the Acquisition, Maintenance and Loss of Tolerance to Ethanol

Quantitative Histochemical Study of Metabolic Effects of Ethanol

Ethanol Induced Changes in the Properties of Brain Ribosomes

Alcohol Metabolism of Inbred Strains of Rats with Alcohol Preference and Nonpreference

Selective Breeding of Rats for Differences in Reactivity to Alcohol: An Approach to an Animal Model of Alcoholism. IV. Some Behavioral and Chemical Measures

Adoption Studies of Alcoholism

Learned Preferences as an Approach to the Development of an Animal Model of Alcoholism

Ethanol as a Teratogen



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