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PART A. Fundamentals of Structural Analysis

Section A1 Elasticity

Chapter 1. Basic elasticity

1.1 Stress

1.2 Notation for forces and stresses

1.3 Equations of equilibrium

1.4 Plane stress

1.5 Boundary conditions

1.6 Determination of stresses on inclined planes

1.7 Principal stresses

1.8 Mohr's circle of stress

1.9 Strain

1.10 Compatibility equations

1.11 Plane strain

1.12 Determination of strains on inclined planes

1.13 Principal strains

1.14 Mohr's circle of strain

1.15 Stress–strain relationships

1.16 Experimental measurement of surface strains


Additional Reading

Chapter 2. Two-dimensional problems in elasticity

2.1 Two-dimensional problems

2.2 Stress functions

2.3 Inverse and semi-inverse methods

2.4 St. venant's principle

2.5 Displacements

2.6 Bending of an end-loaded cantilever


Chapter 3. Torsion of solid sections

3.1 Prandtl stress function solution

3.2 St. Venant warping function solution

3.3 The membrane analogy

3.4 Torsion of a narrow rectangular strip


Section A2 Virtual work, energy, and matrix methods

Chapter 4. Virtual work and energy methods

4.1 Work

4.2 Principle of virtual work

4.3 Applications of the principle of virtual work


Chapter 5. Energy methods

5.1 Strain energy and complementary energy

5.2 Principle of the stationary value of the total complementary energy

5.3 Application to deflection problems

5.4 Application to the solution of statically indeterminate systems

5.5 Unit load method

5.6 Flexibility method

5.7 Total potential energy

5.8 Principle of the stationa


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