Air Pollution by Nitrogen Oxides, Volume 21

1st Edition

Editors: L. Grant T. Schneider
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444421272
eBook ISBN: 9780080874807
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 1st January 1982
Page Count: 1125
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Table of Contents


Opening Address

Keynote Address

Session I The NOx Environmental Problem

The Global NOx Cycle

Atmospheric Physical Processes

Ecological Effects Associated with NOx, Especially on Plants and Vegetation

The Role of NOx as a Precursor of Acidic Deposition

Health Effects Associated with Nitrogen Oxides


Session II.a Basics of NOx Formation and Inventories of Sources

Chemical and Physical Aspects of NOx Formation

Nitrogen Oxide Emissions from Motor Vehicles

Emission Inventory for Stationary NOx Sources

Methodology of a General Emission Inventory in The Netherlands and some Results with Respect to NOx

North American NOx Emission Inventories for Long Range Transport Model Evaluation


Session II.b Monitoring Strategies and Exposure Assessment

Monitoring Strategies and Exposure Assessment for NOx

An Introduction to the Subject

Monitoring Strategies in the United States

Monitoring Strategies in Japan

Monitoring Strategy in The Netherlands

Indoor NOx Pollution

HarmoniZation of Methods of Ambient NOx Measurement in the European Economic Community


Session II.c Transport, Transformation and Removal of NOx

Physical Transport or the Problem how to Model Air Pollution

Chemical Transformation Processes for NOx Species in the Atmosphere

Dry Deposition of NOx

Wet Deposition of NOx

Observations and Modeling of NOx in an Urban Area

Urban Scale Mathematical Model for Pollutants in a European City

A Computer Modeling Study of the Relationship Between Urban Exposure to Nitrogen Dioxide and Motor Vehicle Exhaust Emissions dur


Studies in Environmental Science, Volume 21: Air Pollution by Nitrogen Oxides presents the proceedings of the US–Dutch International Symposium on Nitrogen Oxide, held in Maastricht, The Netherlands on May 24–28, 1982. This book provides research and development information related to the national and international policies on nitrogen oxides in the United States, The Netherland, Japan, and elsewhere in Europe.

Organized into five sessions encompassing 94 chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the atmospheric cycle of nitrogen oxide in terms of source strength, destruction rates, and atmospheric chemistry. This text then examines the fundamental physical and chemical processes involved in the formation of nitrogen oxides. Other chapters consider the regional pulmonary deposition of nitrogen dioxide in man, guinea pigs, rats, and rabbits by using a general mathematical model formulation for the transport of gases in the lungs. This book discusses as well the emission control methods and systems with low nitrogen oxide capability for possible application in The Netherlands and other parts of Europe.

This book is a valuable resource for government administrative officials, research scientists, air pollution control experts, and students.


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