Air Pollution and Health

1st Edition

Print ISBN: 9780123523358
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Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 21st April 1999
Page Count: 1065
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Concern about the impact of air pollution has led governments and local authorities across the world to regulate, among other things, the burning of fossil fuels, industrial effluence, cigarette smoke, and aerosols. This legislation has often followed dramatic findings about the impact of pollution on human health. At the same time there have been significant developments in our ability to detect and quantify pollutants and a proliferation of urban and rural air pollution networks to monitor levels of atmospheric contamination.

Air Pollution and Health is the first fully comprehensive and current account of air pollution science and it impact on human health. It ranges in scope from meteorology, atmospheric chemistry, and particle physics to the causes and scope of allergic reactions and respiratory, cardiovascular, and related disorders. The book has substantial international coverage and includes sections on cost implications, risk assessment, regulation, standards, and information networks. The multidisciplinary approach and the wide range of issues covered makes this an essential book for all concerned with monitoring and regulating air pollution as well as those concerned with its impact on human health.

Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* Only comprehensive text covering all the important air pollutants and relating these to human health and regulatory bodies

  • Brings together a wide range of issues concerning air pollution in an easily accessible format
  • Contributions from government agencies in the US and UK provide information on public policy and resource networks in the areas of health promotion and environmental protection


Postgraduate, postdoctoral, and senior researchers in asthma, cardiology, pulmonary/respiratory topics, and pollution; epidemiologists; public health specialists; and medical practitioners.

Table of Contents

Introduction, D.V. Bates. Air Pollution and Health History, P. Brimblecombe.

Geographical, Atmospheric and Ground Determinants of Air Pollution: Basic Meterology, G.R. McGregor. Atmospheric Chemistry, R.G. Derwent. Measurements of Concentrations of Air Pollutants, R.M. Harrison. Patterns of Air Pollution in Developing Countries, M. Krzyzanowski and D. Schwella. Sources of Air Pollution, C. Holman. Exposure Assessment, H. Ozkaynak.

Respiratory Tract Determinants of Air Pollution Effects: Animal Models to Study for Pollutant Effects, U.P. Kodavantri and D.L. Costa. Novel Approaches to Study Nasal Responses to Air Pollution, L. Calderon-Garciduenas, T.L. Noah and H.S. Koren. Effects of Cigarette Smoke and Air Pollutants on the Lower Respiratory Tract, P.K. Jeffrey. Structure-Function Relationships, P.A. Bromberg. Deposition and Clearance of Inhaled Particles, W.M. Foster. Respiratory Reflexes, J. Widdicombe. Antioxidant Defences in the Extracellular Compartment of the Human Lung, F.J. Kelly and R. Richards. Air Pollutants: Modulators of Pulmonary Host Resistance Against Infection, P.T. Thomas and J.T. Zelikoff. Carcinogenic Responses to Air Pollutants, R.O. McClellan and T.E. Jackson.

General Methodological Agents of Air Pollutant Health Effects: Biomarkers of Exposure, M.C. Madden and J.E. Gallagher. The Epidemiological Approach to Investigating Outdoor Air Pollution, J.M. Samet and J.J.K. Jaakkola. Health Effects of Air Pollution Episodes, H.R. Anderson.<BR id


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"...contains updated information on all issues related to ambient air pollution providing a useful tool for readers interested in the overall implications of this problem." @source:--WATER, AIR, AND SOIL POLLUTION (2001) @qu:"This is an excellent book which covers an enormous amount of information... Each chapter has a very useful list of relevant references... the chapters have been put together with great skill and it is a pleasure to read. This large volume should be available for reference in all medical libraries... I recommend this volume most highly. I shall be surprised if 'Air Pollution and Health' does not become a standard work which will require regular updating." @source:--Barbara Clayton, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON, U.K., Past President of the National Society for Clean Air (1999) @qu:"This text is a needed addition to the field of air pollution and environmental health. It is likely the most comprehensive book to date on this important subject... The wide range of topics will appeal to physicians, immunologists, public health advocates, and others interested in details of the human response to air pollution... Among the contributors there are many leading authorities who not only share their experience and perspective, but deliver well-written chapters... Physicians, toxicologists (in pulmonary or public health), and epidemiologists will appreciate this text for different reasons--most certainly for its depth and extensive references to current literature..." @source:--James Harris, MD, for DOODY'S PUBLISHING REVIEWS (1999) @qu:"...Editors offer a chapter-by-chapter survey of the current knowledge about the health effects of each major type of air pollutant, covering the range from sources and measurement through health effects and epidemiology, to cost estimates and air standards. The result is an authoritative and comprehensive review that should be extremely useful to prof