Agricultural households, both in the European Union and world-wide, have experienced important changes during the last three decades. This book covers recent advances both in family economics and in modelling the relationship between the farm-household and the farm-firm. Both theoretical and empirical aspects of Agricultural Household Modelling and Family Economics are also discussed, providing a timely contribution to research in this area.

Table of Contents

Foreword. Acknowledgements. Contributors. Introduction. Agricultural Household Modelling. Measurement of implicit prices of family labour in agriculture: an application to Cote d'Ivoire (S. Lambert, T. Magnac). The role of production decisions in modelling the consumption patterns of rural households (C. Muller). Duality approaches to the specification of agricultural household models (B.T. Coyle). Off-farm work decisions of French agricultural households (C. Benjamin, H. Guyomard). Imperfect labour markets, preferences, and minimum income as determinants of pluriactivity choices (A. Corsi). A linear programming approach to the subjective equilibrium theory of the farm household within traditional agriculture societies in Mali (H. Becker). Financial management of family farms: Modeling and empirical research (P.J. Barry). Credit constraints in a life-cycle model with self-employment: empirical evidence for France (R. Lifran). The impact of intergenerational farm asset tansfer mechanisms: an application of a life-cycle model with borrowing constraints and adjustment costs (E. Phimister). Family Economics. Household's rationality and labour decisions: a strategic rationality approach (C. Brossollet). Collective models of household behavior (F. Bourguignon, P.-A. Chiappori). Negotiation and accumulation behaviour within the household: a methodological approach (F. Caillavet). Intra-household inequality and average household well-being: evidence on calorie intakes and energy expenditures from the Philippines (L. Haddad, R. Kanbur, H. Bouis). Family-business relationships in agriculture: the double game (A. Barthez). The concept of the agricultural household and the measurement of household income: applications in the common agricultural policy (B. Hill).


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