Volume 7. Agricultural Economics and Policy: International Challenges for the Nineties

1st Edition

Essays in Honour of Prof. Jan de Veer


  • K. Burger
  • M. de Groot
  • J. Post
  • V. Zachariasse
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    International challenges in agricultural economics for the nineties will come from a redirection of the EC policy, stimulated by GATT negotiations, the opening towards Eastern Europe and environmental considerations, from a production oriented policy towards rural policy, aiming at protecting vulnerable regions, maintaining a rural population, curtailing production in the West and fostering it in the East, and aiming at the provision of environmentally desirable output. This book focusses on developments that are bound to dominate the discussion of agricultural economics and policy in the years to come. Together, the contributions give a vivid picture of the dynamic times that lie ahead for both Eastern and Western European agriculture, and of the profound changes that will be forced upon agricultural policy.

    Table of Contents

    Economy-wide costs of farm support policies in the major industrial countries (U. Koester). Agricultural trade liberalisation and instability in world cereal markets (A. Sarris). Sectoral policies and the microlevel decision making (J.-M. Boussard). Agricultural economics and the art of policy making (M. Petit). Agriculture in international trade negotiations (S. Tangermann). Reforming the CAP: reducing trade distortion (D. Coleman). EC-US agricultural trade relations: do political compromises exist? (L. Mahe and T. Roe). European agriculture, economic integration and 1992 (K. Thomson). Agriculture and structural policy (J. Marsh). Agriculture and vertical integration (W. Scheper). Agricultural economists - displaced and superfluous? (U. Renborg). Economic reform in the USSR agro-industrial complex (C. Csaki). Structural adjustments in East European agriculture: the case of East Germany (W. Henrichsmeyer). Environment: Threat to agriculture? (H. de Haen and M. Scheele). Productivity measurement, incorporating environmental effects of agricultural production (A. Oskam). Agricultural technology: for better or for worse? (J. de Hoogh).


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