At Copenhagen in June 1988, the 80th Anniversary of the birth of L D Landau, the much respected Soviet physicist and author of the Course on Theoretical Physics, published by Pergamon Press, was celebrated with an International Symposium in his honour. The papers presented at that meeting are published here, providing an overview of recent progress in theoretical physics, covering super-string theories, chaos, high Tc superconductivity and biomolecules.


For graduate students and research workers in physics and mathematics.

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(partial) Papers. Introduction, A Luther. About L D Landau (Several remarks characterizing his attitude towards physics and physicists), V L Ginzburg. Superstrings - towards a unification of all interactions, L Brink. An overview of superstring theory, M B Green. Phase coherence in charge-density wave transport, J Bardeen. Towards a covariant super-reggeon calculus for the superstring, J L Petersen. N-string g-loop vertex in string theories, P Di Vecchia et al. On the frustration mechanism of high T-superconductivity, I Dzyaloshinskii. Spin superflow in helium-3, I A Fomin. A skyrmion model of two-dimensional superconductors, A D Jackson. Spin bags and superconductivity, J R Schrieffer et al. The curious fate of the Landau hydrodynamical theory of multiple particle production, E L Feinberg. Theory of dynamical turbulence, A V Gaponov-Grekhov & M I Rabinovich. The physics of supernovae and the equation of state of dense nuclear matter, G E Brown. Physics in proteins, H Frauenfelder. Quasiparticle method in nuclear physics, A B Migdal. Strings at superplanckian energies, D J Gross. "Reminiscences of Landau", I M Khalatnikov.

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