Advances in Space Biology and Medicine - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780762301478, 9780080877303

Advances in Space Biology and Medicine, Volume 6

1st Edition

Editors: S.L. Bonting
eBook ISBN: 9780080877303
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 25th March 1997


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Table of Contents

Contents. List of Contributors. Introduction to Volume 6 (S.L. Bonting). Changes in the Immune System during and after Spaceflight (G.R. Taylor, I. Konstantinova, G. Sonnenfeld, and R. Jennings). Activation and Proliferation of Lymphocytes and other Mammalian Cells in Microgravity (A. Cogoli and M. Cogoli-Greuter). Psycosocial Value of Space Simulation for Extended Spaceflight (N. Kanas). Pharmacology in Space: Pharmacotherapy (A.P. Traon, S. Saivin, C. Soulez-LaRiviere, M. Pujos, A. Guell, and G. Houin). Pharmacology in Space: Pharmacokinetics (S. Saivin, A.P. Traon, C. Soulez-LaRiviere, A. Guell, and G. Houin). Regulation of Body Fluid Volume and Electrolyte Concentrations in Spaceflight (S.M. Smith, J.M. Kraufs, and C.S. Leach). Medical Monitoring in Long-Term Space Missions (A.I. Grigoriev and A.D. Egorov). Frog Experiment Onboard Space Station MIR (A. Izumi-Kurotani, Y. Mogami, M. Okuno, and M. Yamshita). Plant Gravitropic Response (A. Merkys and J. Darginaviciene). Human Life Support for Advanced Space Exploration (S.H. Schwartzkopf). Bioregeneration with Maltose Excreting Chlorella: System Concept, Technological Development, and Experiments (L. Wolf). Vestibular Function and Sensory Interaction in Altered Gravity (L.N. Kornilova). Index.


The sixth volume in Space Biology and Medicine is a volume with contributors from all spacefaring nations. Although all space agencies must currently operate under server budgetary restraints, progress in the field of space biology and medicine continues. The preparations for the International Space Station, in which Russia is going to participate with the United States, Europe, Japan, and Canada, are also continuing. For the longer term, studies for a Lunar Station are in progress. The contributions to this volume are witness of all these activities.
Two chapters deal with the effects of weightlessness on the immune system. Taylor and colleagues review the effects in vivo, indicating a reduction of the immune function in space. The blunting of the immune function after short-term flights resembles that after acute stress on the ground, while long-term effects compare to those caused by chronic stress. Cogoli and Cogoli-Greuter describe studies on single cells, which show that proliferation and cytokine expression of T-lymphocytes are reduced in microgravity, possibly through a non-equilibrium thermodynamic effect.
Preparation for long-term space missions is the express purpose of four contributions in this volume. Kanas considers the usefulness of space simulation studies by means of extended isolation and confinement on Earth, and points to be examined in future projects of this kind. Volumes 3 and 5 in this series were dedicated to two ESA projects of this nature. Grigoriev and Egorov describe a medical monitoring system for long-term missions. Schwartzkopf reports on the design of life support systems using plant cultivation for food and oxygen regeneration, with particular reference to a future Lunar base. Wolf describes a small-scale bioregenerative system based on an algal bioreactor.
The use of medicinal drugs by astronauts is the subject of two chapters by Pavy-Le Traon, Saivin and colleagues. The resistance of b


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