Advances in Polarography

Advances in Polarography

Proceedings of the Second International Congress Held at Cambridge 1959

1st Edition - January 1, 1960

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  • Editor: Ian S. Longmuir
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483223483

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Advances in Polarography, Volume 2 covers the proceedings of the Second International Congress held at Cambridge in 1959 in honor of the 70th birthday of Professor Heyrovsky. This volume is composed of 35 chapters and begins with intensive discussions on the theoretical and fundamental aspects, as well as pertinent equations in polarography. Considerable chapters are devoted to the chemical and metallurgical applications of the technique, with emphasis on the trace determination of certain compounds. The remaining chapters explore other application of specific polarographic technique, such as nicotinic acid, iso-benzpyrylium salts, and metal complex analysis.

Table of Contents

  • Volume 2

    The Diffusion Equation in D.C. Polarography

    I. Current-Time Curves Without Depletion Effect

    II. The Mass-Time Relationship of Dropping Mercury Electrodes

    III. The Derivation and Experimental Verification of a Revised Equation

    A Contribution to the Theory of Polarographic Currents Influenced by an Adsorption of an Electroinactive Substance

    Polarographic Current of Stepwise Electrode Process Involving Chemical Reaction

    Multistage Electrochemical Reactions in Oscillographic Polarography

    The Dropping Mercury Electrode

    Advances in Polarographic Analysis

    A New Method for Oxygen Determination Based on the Solid Microelectrode

    The Determination of Traces of Sulphur in Arsenic and Indium for the Semiconductor Industry

    The Application of Cathode-Ray Polarography to the Analysis of Semiconductors

    The Polarographic Determination of Gold in Plant Solutions

    Effects of Phosphate and Other Anions in the Polarography of Uranium in Acid Media

    Some Observations on the Application of Polarography to Industrial Atomic Energy Analysis

    Möglichkeiten der Polarographischen Methode in der Anorganischen Spurenanalyse

    The Application of the Cathode-Ray Polarograph to the Analysis of Blasting Explosives

    Sorption Effects on Unflltered Hydroxides in Rapid Polarographic Methods of Metallurgical Analysis

    Polarographic Analyses Based Upon Extraction with Organic Solvents

    Calcium Chloride as a Supporting Electrolyte in the Polarographic Determination of Toxic Constituents in an Atmospheric Sample

    The Polarographic Determination of Zinc in Pyrites Residues. Sinter and Iron Ore

    The Performance of the Differential Cathode-Ray Polarograph

    Chromato-Polarography with Ion Exchange Resins

    Application of t h e Cathode-Ray Polarograph to the Analysis of Explosives

    Some Experiences with a Mercury Pool Cathode

    An Application of Polarography to Metallurgical Analysis

    Kinetic Currents in Polarography

    Polarography of Ethanolamine Complexes of Iron, Cadmium, Nickel, Cobalt, Copper, Lead and Zinc

    Untersuchungen Zur Katalyse der Wasserstoffabscheidung Durch Organische Stickstoffbasen an der Quecksilberkathode

    Polarographic Studies of the Reduction of Pertechnetate Ion in Aqueous Solutions

    Les Anomalies Polarographiques des Aldéhydes Hétérocycliques

    Structure Chimique et Comportement Polarographique en Chimie Hétéro-cyclique

    The Polarization of the Dropping Mercury Electrode by Interrupted D.C. in Presence of Cd2+ Ions

    Polarographic Studies on Irreversible Reduction of Murexide

    Direct and Alternating Current Polarographic Studies on Nicotinic Acid

    The Rate of Electron Transfer in the Reduction Processes of Aromatic Hydrocarbons

    Polarographic Investigation of Iso-Benzpyrylium Salts

    Thiourea, Alkyl Substituted Thioureas, and Their Metal Complexes

    Volume 3

    Polarographic Reduction of the Single Carbon-Nitrogen Bond

    Influence of Substituents in Aliphatic and Heterocyclic Series

    Polarography in the Formamides

    The Effect of Some Nitrogen-Containing Substances on the Polarographic Reduction of Weak Acids and their Bases

    Polarographic Study of 2:2'-Pyridoin and 2:2'-Pyridil

    Polarography of Aluminum

    Polarographic Reduction of Phthalic Acid Amides

    Polarographic Studies of the Sulphate and Sulphocyanide Complexes of Trivalent and Tetravalent Titanium

    Ãœber das Polarographische Verhalten von Chromon-und Cumarinderivaten

    Le Comportement Polarographique et Oscillo-Polarographique de l'Acide α-Lipoïque et de l'Amide Correspondante

    On the Reduction Potential of Isomerie Pyridine and Quinoline Aldehydes

    Chemical Constitution and Polarographic Half-Wave Potentials of Some Aromatic Halogen Derivatives

    Über den Einfluss Organischer Lösungsmittel auf das Halbst ufen- Potential Von Tl+ und Cd2+ 911

    Some Findings Concerning the Polarographic Behavior of Cystine in the Presence of Cobaltous and Cobaltic Ions

    Influence of Cobalt and Nickel on the Catalytic Waves of Proteins and of Some Amino Acids

    Die Polarographie in Wasserfreiem Dimethylsulfoxyd

    Some Aspects of the Polarography of Organic Substances in Organic Solvents

    Some Contributions of Polarography in Dimethylformamide to the Study of the Structure of Coals

    Polarography in Molten Nitrates

    The Use of Solid Micro-Electrodes with Special Reference to High-Temperature Systems

    A.C. Polarography of Chelate-Complexed Metallic Ions

    Oscillographic Study of Benzaldehyde in Aqueous Buffered Solutions

    Biological and Medical Applications of Polarography

    Polarographische Sauerstoff-Bestimmung im Kammerwasser des Auges

    Use of Polarography in the Investigation of the Reaction of a Hapten and its Homologous Antibody Globulins

    Polarographic Investigations of the Behavior of Lead under the Action of Calcium Ethylene Diamine Tetra-Acetate in Lead Poisoning

    Die Gestaltung Der Brdicka-Wellen und der—SH,—S—S—Werte Nativer Tierseren im Zusammenhangen mit der Spezifischen Strahlenempfindlichkeiten

    An Improved Polarographic Method of the Estimation of Oxygen Consumption by Ex Vivo Tissues

    A Contribution to the Study of Substances Giving Brdicka's Polarographic Filtrate Reaction

    Direct Determination of Concentrations of the Antituberculosis Drug, 2-Ethyl-4-Thiocarbamoylpyridine, in Biological Fluids

    The Polarography of Ergothioneine

    Recherches Polarographiques sur les Propriétés Photo-Oxydantes des Furocoumarines et d'Autres Substances Photo-Dynamiques

    Polarography of Thiamine Disulphide and Related Compounds

    Polaroactivite Quantitative des Protides des Milieux Biologiques

    Education in Polarography

    Polarographic Method of Measurement of Surface of Finely Divided Solids

    Coulometric Criteria of Chargeability (Potential Constancy) of Reference Electrodes used in Polarography

    On the Morphology of the Brdicka Catalytic Wave of Hydrogen

    Oscillographic Behavior of Insoluble Substances

    Depolarization of the Dropping Mercury Electrode by Suspensions of Insoluble Substances

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  • No. of pages: 408
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1960
  • Published: January 1, 1960
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483223483

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