This volume, contributed to by a group of 46 research scientists and engineers, focuses on the integration of two aspects of plant biotechnology - the basic plant science and applied bioprocess engineering. Included in this book are 17 chapters, each dealing with specific topics of current interest with three coherent themes of: plant gene expression, regulation and manipulation; plant cell physiology and metabolism and their regulation; and bioprocess engineering and bioreactor performance of plant cell cultures. All of these topics are integrated into a main theme of "enabling plant biotechnology" relevant to the production of secondary metabolites.

This book will be of great value to all plant cell biologists and molecular geneticists, and all those interested in the integration of plant science and bioprocess engineering for development of enabling technology relevant to the production of plant secondary metabolites.

Table of Contents

Introduction. Editorial advisors. List of contributing authors. Gene Expression, Regulation, and Manipulation. Gene expression in plant cells (J.Z. Zhang, J. Harada). Gene regulation in plant cells (A. Shinmyo, A. Kawaoka, C. Intapruk). T-DNA transfer to plants is mediated by pilus-like apparatus encodes by the Ti Plasmid virB Operon (C.I. Kado). Gene regulation and protein secretion from plant cell cultures: the rice &agr;-amylase system (B.R. Thomas et al.). Genetic modification of plant secondary metabolism: alteration of product levels by overexpression of amino acid decarboxylases (J. Berlin et al.). Genetic engineering of medicinal plants for tropane alkaloid production (Y. Yamada, D.-J. Yun, T. Hashimoto). Cell Physiology and Metabolic Pathway and Regulation. Regulation of the Shikimate pathway in suspension cultured cells of parsley (Petroselinum crispum L.) (E.E. Conn, K.F. McCue). Light effect to promote secondary metabolite production of plant cell culture (H. Kurata, M. Seki, S. Furusaki). Effect of elicitors on the production of secondary metabolites (A. Nishi). Effect of dissolved oxygen concentration on the growth of surface-immobilized Catharanthus Roseus Cells: a modelling and experimental study (J. Archambault et al.). Immobilization of plant cells (A. Tanaka). Bioreactors and Bioprocesses. Tropane alkaloid production from Datura stramonium: an integrated approach to bioprocess optimization of plant cell cultivation (D.D.Y. Ryu, R. Ballica). Rheological characteristics of suspended cultures of Perilla frutescens and their implications in bioreactor operation for anthocyanin production (J.-J. Zhong, T. Yoshida). Fluid dynamic studies on plant root cultures for application to bioreactor design (D. Ramakrishnan, W.R. Curtis). Application of hairy root bioreactors (N. Uozumi, T. Kobayashi). High density culture of plant cells using


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