This book provides a record of the symposium held at McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, in honour of Professor J\S\Kirkaldy, and covers the recent progress being made in phase transformations, both experimental and theoretical, to facilitate the understanding of microstructural development. This volume includes new material on atomic modelling of phase transitions, descriptions of amorphous-crystalline transitions, new data on motion of interfaces, elastic energy effects and pattern forming systems, as well as contributions from related disciplines such as thermodynamics, kinetics and the mechanics of solids.


For materials scientists, metallurgists, physicists and physical chemists.

Table of Contents

Diffusional transformations under local equilibrium in Fe-C-M alloys, M Hillert & J Agren. Influence of the chemistry and structure of austenite: ferrite allotriomorphs in Fe-C-X alloys, H I Aaronson et al. Thermodynamics of Fe-Ti-C and Fe-Nb-C austenites and non-stoichiometric titanium and niobium carbides, K Balasubramanian & J S Kirkaldy. Phase equilibrium calculations in multicomponent systems, A D Pelton et al. Phase transitions and the square root diffusivity, J E Morral & M S Thompson. Molecular dynamics simulation of melting, M Bhandarkar & J C M Li. Cellular solidification, D Venugopalan. Channel flow in partly solidified alloy systems, J R Sarazin & A Hellawell. Dealloying reactions as cellular phase transformations, D J Young. Modelling of oxidation and sulfidation reactions, W W Smeltzer. Wetting transitions of ethylene absorbed on graphite, I Arakawa et al. Metastability/unstability: kinetics of polymorphic transition from phase II to phase III of Cl2Cl6, Y Koga. Freezing in transitions, A R Cooper. Recent advances in the synthesis of amorphous metallic materials, R B Schwarz. Structural relaxation and phase transformations in silicon/transition metal multilayers, S Radelaar. The role of stresses on phase transformations, F Larche. On the role of elastic energy in diffusional phase transformations, G R Purdy & J R Dryden. The role of creep in diffusional transformations, J P Hirth. Dislocation patterns and deformation bands, E C Aifantis. The influence of spatial distributions on metallurgical processes, G Burger et al. Thermologistics: a science of pattern formation, J S Kirkaldy.


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