Organic Geochemistry in Petroleum Exploration

1st Edition

Proceedings of the 13th International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry, Venice, Italy 21-25 September 1987



This volume presents the most significant papers given during the 13th International Meeting in Organic Geochemistry. The intention of the publication is to provide the scholars of this science with its state-of-the-art and recent papers not only in academic research but above all in practical applications. Several papers attest to an increased use of organic geochemistry not only in the oil industry, during all phases of petroleum exploration, but also in the other research areas of coal origin and structure, metallogeny, sedimentology, molecular palaeontology, biochemistry and pollution.


For organic geochemists and petroleum geologists.

Table of Contents

Part 1. Organic Geochemistry in Petroleum Exploration: Organic Geochemistry in Petroleum Exploration. Relationship between crude oil quality and biomarker patterns, W B Hughes & A G Holba. Maturity related mixing model for methane, ethane and propane, based on carbon isotopes, U Berner & E Faber. The relationship between silica minerals and organic matter diagenesis: its implication for the origin of oil, K Taguchi et al. The Role of Geochemistry in Basin Modelling. Basin modelling - a new comprehensive method in petroleum geology, D H Welte & M N Yalcin. Geochemical modelling in rapidly subsiding basins, M A Chiaramonte et al. Regional Geochemical Studies: Case Histories. Oil generation and migration in the Gifhorn Trough, NW Germany, Th Schwarzkopf & D Leythaeuser. Aspects of depositional processes of organic matter in sedimentary basins, A Y Huc. Part 2. Analytical Geochemistry: Biological Markers in Recent and Ancient Sediments. Early diagenetic pathways of steroid alkenes, T M Peakman & J R Maxwell. Biomarker characteristics of nonmarine oils in China, Fan Pu & Zhang Baisheng. Differences in reactivities of sedimentary hopane diastereomers when heated in the presence of clays, A V Larcher et al. Paleoenvironmental Assessment. Bacterial reworking of sedimentary lipids during sample storage, J O Grimalt et al. Environmental control of carbon isotope variations in Pennsylvanian black-shale sequences, Mid-continent, USA, L M Wenger et al. Quantitative Aspects of Hydrocarbon Generation Reactions. Kinetic modelling of oil cracking, P Ungerer et al.


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