Advances in Microbial Physiology, Volume 58

1st Edition

Hardcover ISBN: 9780123810434
eBook ISBN: 9780123810441
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 12th July 2011
Page Count: 288
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Table of Contents

  1. Novel Bacterial Merr-Like Regulators:Their Role in The Response to Carbonyl and Nitrosative Stress
  2. Alastair G. McEwan, Karrera Y. Djoko, Nathan H. Chen, Rafael L. M. Couñago, Stephen P. Kidd, Adam J. Potter and Michael P. Jennings

  3. Quorum-Sensing: Regulating the Regulators
  4. Marijke Frederix and J. Allan Downie

  5. The Single-Domain Globin of Vitreoscilla: Augmentation of Aerobic Metabolism for Biotechnological Applications
  6. Alexander D. Frey, Mark Shepherd, Soile Jokipii-Lukkari, Hely Häggman and Pauli T. Kallio

  7. Singlet Oxygen Stress in Microorganisms
  8. Glaeser, J., Nuss A. M., Berghoff, B. A., and Klug, G.

  9. Metal Sensing in Salmonella: Implications for Pathogenesis

Deenah Osman and Jennifer S. Cavet


Advances in Microbial Physiology is one of the most successful and prestigious series from Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier. It publishes topical and important reviews, interpreting physiology to include all material that contributes to our understanding of how microorganisms and their component parts work.

First published in 1967, it is now in its 58th volume. The Editors have always striven to interpret microbial physiology in the broadest context and have never restricted the contents to “traditional” views of whole cell physiology. Now edited by Professor Robert Poole, University of Sheffield, Advances in Microbial Physiology continues to be an influential and very well reviewed series.

Key Features

  • 2009 impact factor of 5.750, placing it 12th in the highly competitive category of microbiology
  • Contributions by leading international scientists
  • The latest research in microbial physiology


Microbiologists, biochemists, biotechnologists, those interested in physiology, microbial biochemistry and its applications


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"This series has consistently presented a well balanced account of progress in microbial physiology...invaluable for teaching purposes." --American Scientist