Advances in Liquid Crystal Research and Applications

Advances in Liquid Crystal Research and Applications

Proceedings of the Third Liquid Crystal Conference of the Socialist Countries, Budapest, 27–31 August 1979

1st Edition - January 1, 1981

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  • Editor: Lajos Bata
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483150178

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Advances in Liquid Crystal Research and Applications, Volume 1 is a collection of papers presented at the Third Liquid Crystal Conference of the Socialist Countries, held in Budapest on August 27-31, 1979. This volume is comprised of three parts. The first part deals with the phases and structures of liquid crystals through methods employing synthesis, X-ray studies, electron diffraction, and calorimetric determination. The second part discusses molecular dynamics and dynamical methods where mostly dielectric investigations into liquid crystal properties are emphasized. This part includes the developments in the study of molecular dynamics in liquid crystals. Other topics presented in this part are the acousto-optical and ultrasonic relaxation methods. The third part covers the continual properties of liquid crystals: their properties and behavior when exposed to different testing methods and variables. For example, a correlation between viscosity coefficients of starting components and those of their mixtures is attempted, resulting when MBBA and EBBA in different percentages are mixed, that none of their coefficients is found to obey any pronounced law. However, the viscosity coefficients given in the table may serve as reference data for further studies. Physicists; process engineers; and graduate students in physics, chemistry, and materials science fields; and university professors and lecturers related to studies in the field of liquid crystals will find this collection of papers highly informative and rewarding.

Table of Contents

  • Volume 1


    Phases and Structures

    Synthesis and Polymorphism of the Homologous Series of the 4,4'-bis-Alkylamino-Biphenyls

    Polymorphism and Structure in Non-amphiphilic Liquid Crystals

    X-Ray Investigations of the Terephthalylidene-Bis-(4-n-Alkyl-Anilines) in the Crystalline and Liquid Crystalline Modifications

    The X-Ray Studies of a Crystalline Structure of Bis- (4-P-Hexyloxybenzal)-1,4-Phenylenediamine and Its Polymorphic Smectic Mesophases

    Structure and Symmetry of Smectic Liquid Crystals

    X-Ray Diffraction from a Smectic a Liquid Crystal

    Electron Diffraction Study of Liquid Crystals

    Neutron Critical Scattering in PPA

    On The Structure and Dynamics of D-PAA Neutron Scattering

    The Re-Entrant Phenomenon in 4'-n-Octyloxy-4-Cyanobiphenyl: A High Pressure X-Ray Study of the Smectic a Layer Spacing

    Some Physical Properties of Re-Entrant Nematics

    Homologous Series of Liquid Crystals with Re-Entrant Nematic and Two Smectic a Phases

    Reentrant Nematic and Smectic Phases in the n-Alkoxybenzoyloxy Cyanostilbene Series

    Microscopic Mechanism of the Structural Instability in the Mesogeneous Molecular Crystals

    Short-Range Order Correlations in a 3-Dimensional Nematic Liquid Crystal

    Microcalorimetric Study of a Mesophase Involving Globular Molecules (OPCTS)

    Metastable Phases as Seen by the Adiabatic Calorimetric Investigations

    Nature of the Critical Point of the Isotropic-Nematic Transition

    Investigation of the Physical Parameters of NPOOB around the Phase Transitions

    Interferometric Study of the n-SA Phase Transition in Cylindrical Structures

    Studies on Induced Smectic a Phases, I. Transitional Entropies of Binary Mixtures of Smectogenes and Cholesterogenes

    Calorimetric Determination of the Impurity Content of Liquid Crystals

    Molecular Dynamics and Dynamical Methods

    Dielectric Properties of Nematic and Smectic-A Liquid Crystals

    Dielectric Permittivity and Loss Measurement on Aligned Nematic, Smectic-A and Smectic-C Phases of DOBHOP

    Dielectric Dispersions in Nematogens

    Dielectric Investigations of 4-n-Pentylphenyl-4-n-Heptyloxytiobenzoate (7S5)

    A Dielectric Study of Nematogen 4-n-Hexyloxyphenyl 4-Nmethoxybenzoate, C1O/OC6

    Dielectric Relaxation in Nematic Cyclohexane Derivatives

    The Problem of Mean Values for Disordered Films of the Anisotropic Liquids

    Dipolar Splittings in the Homologous Series of Para-Azoxyanisole

    Orientational Ordering in Biaxial Smectics

    Alignment of Smectic a Liquid Crystal Obtained by Cooling the Isotropic Phase in Magnetic Field. NMR Study

    Raman Evidences for the Existence of Three Solid Modifications in MBBA

    Raman Spectroscopy Studies of Molecular Reorientations of Liquid Crystals

    Investigation of the Acoustic Parameters of 4-Nitrophenyloxy-4n-Octyloxybenzoate (NPOOB) in the Vicinity of Clearing Point from the Fine Structure of Rayleigh Line of Light Scattering

    Mössbauer Spectroscopy of Thermotropic Smectic Liquid Crystals: On the Formation of Complexes Between Label and Liquid Crystal Molecules

    Recent Developments in the Study of Molecular Dynamics in Liquid Crystals

    The Motion of the Long Molecular Axis around the Director in Nematics

    Kinetics of Acousto-Optical Effect in Liquid Crystals

    Nematic Liquid Crystals in Crossed Magnetic and Ultrasonic Fields

    Ultrasonic Relaxation in Nematic Liquid Crystals

    Optical Response Times of Deformed Liquid Crystals

    Forced Rayleigh Scattering in SA Liquid Crystals

    Continual Properties

    Polarizable Properties of Liquid Crystals

    Behavior of Ferroelectric Smectic Liquid Crystals in Electric Field

    Investigation of Electrooptical Effects in Chiral Smectic C

    Helicoid Resonance and Its Unwinding in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals

    Molecular Dimensions and Elastic Constants of Nematic Liquid Crystals

    Molecular Asymmetry, Flexoelectricity and Elasticity of Nematics

    Gradient Flexoelectric Effect and Longitudinal Domains in Nematics

    A Bulk Flexoelectric Effect in a Wedge-Like Nematic Liquid Crystal Layer Caused by a Radial Transversal Electric Field

    On The Quadrupole Mechanism of Flexoelectricity

    Convective Structures in Nematic Hydrodynamic Instabilities

    A Novel Type of the Electrohydrodynamic Instability in Nematic Liquid Crystals

    Determination of Viscosity Coefficients in a Nematic Liquid Crystal

    Viscosity of Nematic Liquid Crystal Mixtures

    Anomalous Shear Flow Alignment in Nematic 8CB

    Study of Motion of Liquid Crystals in Electric Field

    Interference Narrowing of Diffraction Maxima in Liquid Crystal Diffraction Gratings

    on The Anisotropy of Electrical Conductivity of p-n-Pentyl-p'-Cyanobiphenyl and p-n-Octoxy-p'-Cyanobiphenyl in Nematic and Smectic Phases

    Charge Carrier Mobility Measurements in Nematic Liquid Crystals

    The Surface Conductivity Measurements of the Cross-Polarized Liquid-Crystalline Layers as the Method of Investigations of Ionic Transport Phenomena in Liquid Crystals

    Some Flow Properties of Cholesterics

    Determination of Spatially Periodically Modulated Structures in Optically Anisotropic Media by Means of Optical Diffraction

    The Uniform Model of the Bubble and Striped Domains in Nematics—Optical Active Substance Mixtures

    Behavior of the Nematic Liquid Crystal Drop on the Anisotropic Surface

    Optical and Rheological Properties of Binary Mixtures of Right- and Left-Handed Cholesteric Liquid Crystals

    Instability of the Cholesteric Planar Texture in an Electric Field

    Volume 2


    Edge Energy and Pore Stability in Bilayer Lipid Membranes

    The Elasticity of Protein-Lipid Bilayer Membranes and Its Physiological Significance

    Investigations on the Influence of Different Amphiphilic Substances on Foam Stability of Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate

    An Optical Diffraction Modeling Discriminates between Two Viewpoints on Phase Transition in Lipid-Water Systems

    The Change in the Thermodynamic Properties and Structure of Lecithine Produced by Ultra-Violet Radiation

    Mössbauer Spectroscopy of the Cephalin + SnCI4 System

    Lyotropic Mesophases Studied by 31P-NMR

    Laser Raman Studies of Lipid Phase Transitions in Model Membranes. The Effect of Ions on Phosphatidylcholine Multilayers

    Static Field Induced Phase Transitions in Lipid Bilayers and Their Role in the Regulation of Transport Processes

    Mesomorphic Polymers

    Structure and Properties of Rigid-Chain Polymer Molecules in Solutions

    Nematic Polymeric Structures

    Structure of Thermotropic Smectic Polymers

    Conditions of Formation of Liquid-Crystalline State in Cholesterol-Containing Polymers

    Influence of the Structure of Mesogenic Groups on the Structure and Dielectric Properties of the Comb-Like Liquid Crystalline Azomethyne-Containing Polymers

    Polymer Mesophases. Studies on The Smectic-Isotropic Transition of Poly (p-Biphenylyl Acrylate)

    Structural Features of Liquid Crystalline State of Poly-p-(Meth)-Acryloyloxy p-n-Pentyloxy Azobenzenes in Terms of X-Ray Evidence and Fourier Analysis of Intensity Curves

    Liquid Crystalline Behaviour of Polymers on the Basis of p-Butyloxyphenyl p-Hydroxybenzoate Depending on the Nature of the Polymer Main Chain and Length of the Spacer Group


    Advances in Synthesis of Mesogens

    Synthesis and Mesomorphism of p-Fluoroalkyl(Alkoxy)Benzoic Esters

    Liquid Crystalline Compounds Containing Hydrogenated Six-Membered Heterocyclic Rings

    Synthesis and Study of New Liquid Crystal Addends

    Liquid Crystalline Pyridine Derivatives

    Liquid Crystalline 4H-3,1-Benzoxazine-4-Ones

    Chiral Nematic Tolans

    Polyfluoro-Substituted Liquid Crystals

    Acetylenic Liquid Crystals Available by Castro Reaction

    Study of Connection between Liquid Crystalline Properties and Structures

    Synthesis and Examination of the Liquid Crystalline Properties of Cholesterol and Thiocholesterol Ethers

    Heterocyclic Liquid Crystals

    Low Melting Liquid Crystalline Esters with Alkylcyclohexane Fragments

    Physical Properties and Applications

    Liquid Crystals: Physical Properties and Their Possibilities in Application

    Anchoring of MBBA Liquid Crystal on Ferroelectric Triglycine Sulphate

    Experimental Investigation of Twisted Nematic Phase with Fourier-Analysis

    The Influences of Thickness, Dye Constitution and Concentration on the Optical Properties of Dichroic LCDs

    Tin-Oxide Layers for LCDs

    Bistability Effects in Twisted Nematic Layers

    Matrix-Addressed Liquid-Crystal Displays

    Effect of Optically Active Dopant Chemical Nature on Spiral Induction in NLC

    Influence of Optically Active Dopant Nature on Pitch-Temperature Dependences in Induced Cholesteric Mesophases

    Translational Phase Transition in Systems Nematic + Optically Active Dopant: Unwinding of Cholesteric Helix

    The Effect of Molecular Nature of a Variable Cholesteric Component on the Selective Reflection Temperature Shift in Cholesteric Mixtures

    Generation of Low-Frequency Electrical and Optical Oscillations in a System Liquid Crystal Cell - Solar Cell

    Application of Cholesterics for Detection of Organic Vapors

    Study of Liquid Thermoindicators

    Liquid Crystalline Substances for High-Temperature Thermoindicators

    The Effect of Layer Instabilites on Liquid Crystalline Thermography

    Problems of the Photographic Documentation of Liquid Crystalline Thermographs

    Evaluation of ELC Plate Thermography

    Can Liquid Crystal Thermography Improve the Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer?

    Contact Thermography in Brain Ischaemia of Extracerebral Origin

    The Application of Liquid Crystalline Temperature Indicators to Medical Diagnosis

    Liquid Crystal Devices in Biomedical Applications

    Color Thermography of Liquid Crystals in Diagnosis of Neoplasms of Eye and Eye Socket

    Author Index

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  • No. of pages: 704
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1981
  • Published: January 1, 1981
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483150178

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