The second of two volumes covering the most recent developments in this new field. Like the previous volume, this book brings together the two fields of immunology and pharmacology, and offers a review format for advances in basic aspects, as well as an update in discussion format of therapy-related advances.


Of interest to academicians, clinicians, pharmacologists, immunologists, and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry.

Table of Contents

(partial) Kinetics and pharmacological implications of MDP, M Parant. Biotransformation of immunotherapeutic agents, L Z Benet et al. The relationship between early T cell activation antigens and T cell proliferation, T Cotner et al. Membrane fluidity and enzyme changes in lymphocyte activation, K Resch et al. Immunopharmacologic applications of monoclonal antibodies to human lymphocytes, G Goldstein. Characterization and functions of human T cell subsets, Y Thomas et al. Monoclonal antibodies in cancer diagnosis and therapy, K O Lloyd. Interferon and NK cells, R B Herberman et al. Short and long term effect of interferon in the natural cell killer system, M Gidlund et al. Role of eosinophils in resistance to worm infections, A A F Mahmoud. Immunopharmacology of parasitic diseases, J P Dessaint et al. Biochemical correlates of macrophage activation, M Baggliolini et al. Autocoids for immune modulation: a strategy, K Melmon et al. Current therapy of rheumatoid arthritis, Y Shiokawa. Current aspects of chronic inflammation, J L Turk. Early events in neutrophil chemotactic factor interaction, E L Becker et al.


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