Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* Organizational and structural overview of the human IgH * RAG-2 deficient blastocyst complementation assay to germline mutation * Review of IFN-g`s biological function * Interaction of cell surface molecules and soluble mediators * Comparisons of structural and kinetic properties of PGHS-1 and 2 * Tumor antigens and their role in immunogenicity * Mechanisms caused by lung damage during pulmonary inflammation

Table of Contents

F. Matsuda and T. Honjo, Organization of the Human Immunoglobulin Heavy-Chain Locus. J. Chen, Analysis of Gene Function in Lymphocytes by RAG-2-Deficient Blastocyst Complementation. A. Billiau, Interferon-gamma: Biology and Role in Pathogenesis. K.S. Hathcock and R.J. Hodes, Role of the CD28-B7 Costimulatory Pathways in T Cell-Dependent B Cell Responses. W.L. Smith and D.L. DeWitt, Prostaglandin Endoperoxide H Synthases-1 and -2. R.A. Hendersonand O.J. Finn, Human Tumor Antigens Are Ready to Fly. N.W. Lukacs and P.A. Ward, Inflammatory Mediators, Cytokines, and Adhesion Molecules in Pulmonary Inflammation and Injury. Chapter References. Subject Index. Contents of Recent Volumes.


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