Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics, Volume 169

1st Edition

Hardcover ISBN: 9780123859815
eBook ISBN: 9780123859822
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 11th November 2011
Page Count: 266
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Table of Contents

Morphological Texture Description of Grey-Scale and Color Images

1. Introduction

2. Texture Description and Classification

3. Basics of Mathematical Morphology

4. Morphological Approaches to Texture Description

5. Extension to Color

6. Implementation Efficiency

7. Applications

8. Experiments

9. Conclusion

Electron Microscopy of Ultracold Gases

1. Introduction

2. Ultracold Atomic Gases

3. Scanning Electron Microscopy Applied to Ultracold Gases

4. Perspectives and Outlook

Application of Artificial Intelligence Methods to Content-Based Image Retrieval

1. Content-Based Image Retrieval Fundamentals

2. Artificial Intelligence in Image Retrieval

3. Optimizing the Retrieval Process via Artificial Ant Colonies

4. Conclusions and Future Work

Diffusion on a Tensor Product Graph for Semi-Supervised Learning and Interactive Image Segmentation

1. Introduction

2. Related Work

3. The Diffusion Process

4. Semi-Supervised Locally Constrained Diffusion Process

5. Tensor Product Graph Diffusion

6. Equivalence of SADP and TPDP

7. SADP Algorithm

8. Experimental Results

9. Semi-Supervised Image Segmentation

10. Interactive Segmentation

11. Conclusion


Electron Holography for Electric and Magnetic Field Measurements and Its Application for Nanophysics

1. Introduction

2. Experimental Scheme and Conditions of Interference

3. Reconstruction of the Electric Field Distribution in the Space Near the Object

4. Practical Applications of Measurements of Local Potentials

5. Magnetic Measurements



Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics merges two long-running serials--Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics and Advances in Optical and Electron Microscopy.
This series features extended articles on the physics of electron devices (especially semiconductor devices), particle optics at high and low energies, microlithography, image science and digital image processing, electromagnetic wave propagation, electron microscopy, and the computing methods used in all these domains.

Key Features

  • Contributions from leading international scholars and industry experts
  • Discusses hot topic areas and presents current and future research trends
  • Invaluable reference and guide for physicists, engineers and mathematicians


Physicists, electrical engineers and applied mathematicians in all branches of image processing and microscopy as well as electron physics in general


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