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Historical Introduction (F. Habashi). Part I. Project Development. Feasibility Study Management. Sampling (R. Holmes). Mineralogical investigation (S. Chryssoulis). Process flowsheet selection (D. Lunt, T. Weeks). Metallurgical testwork (J. Angove). Process simulation and modelling (H. Smith). Feasibility study plant design (A. Ryan, E. Johanson, D. Rogers). Commissioning. Commissioning (G. Lane, P. Messenger). Safety, Process Control and Environmental Management. International cyanide management code (T. Gibbons). Process control (D. Hulbert). Closure and Rehabilitation. Processing plant (H. Lacy, J. Hayes, J. Muller, C. Dodd, J. Wills, D. Koontz). Tailings storage facilities (H. Lacy). Part II. Unit Operations. Comminution. Comminution circuits (J. Mosher). Concentration. Gravity gold technology (A. Laplante, S. Gray). Flotation (R. Dunne). Oxidation of sulphide concentrates. Pressure oxidation (K. Thomas). Bacterial oxidation (P. Miller, A. Brown). Roasting developments (esp. oxygenated) (K. Thomas, A. Cole). Roasting (Circulating Fluid Bed) (J. Hammerschmidt, J. Güntner, B. Kerstiens). Leaching. Heap leaching (D. Kappes, K. Cassidy). Cyanidation (G. Deschênes). Alternative lixiviants (M. Aylmore). Thiosulfate leaching (D. Muir, M. Aylmore). Gold Recovery. Carbon-in-pulp (B. Staunton). Zinc cementation (R. Walton). Resin-in-pulp & resin-in-s


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