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Contributors. Crustal Deformation in the Southcentral Alaska Subduction Zone (S.C. Cohen, J.T. Freymueller). 1. Introduction. 2. Tectonic, geologic, and seismologic setting. 3. Observed crustal motion. 3.1. Coseismic crustal motion. 3.2. Preseismic and interseismic (pre-1964) crustal motion. 3.3. Postseismic and interseismic (post-1964) crustal motion. 3.4. Multidecadal postseismic uplift deduced from comparisons of GPS and leveling observations. 3.5. Contemporary GPS observations of crustal motion: spatial and temporal variability. 4. Models of Southcentral Alaska preseismic and postseismic crustal deformation. 5. Summary. Acknowledgements. References. Relating Fault Mechanics to Fault Zone Structure (R.L. Biegel, C.G. Sammis). 1. Introduction. 2. Fault zone rocks. 3. The structure of mature, large displacement strike-slip faults. 3.1. The punchbowl and San Gabriel faults in Southern California. 3.2. The idealized punchbowl model. 3.3. The Nojima fault, Japan. 3.4. The Median tectonic line, Japan. 3.5. The Carboneras fault, Southeastern Spain). 4. The structure of mature, large displacement dip-slip faults. 4.1. The badwater turtleback normal faults, Death Valley, CA. 4.2. The chelungpu fault, Taiwan. 5. Formation of fault zone structure. 5.1. Fault zone formation in low porosity jointed rock. 5.2. Fault zone formation in high porosity sandstones. 5.3. Fractal fragmentation and shear localization. 5.4. Fragmentation and off-fault damage in the process zone of large earthquakes. 5.5. Wear. 5.6. Pse


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