AEPA '96 provides a forum for discussion on the state-of-art developments in plasticity. An emphasis is placed on the close interaction of the theories from macroplasticity, mesoplasticity and microplasticity together with their applications in various engineering disciplines such as solid mechanics, metal forming, structural analysis, geo-mechanics and micromechanics. These proceedings include over 140 papers from the conference including case studies showing applications of plasticity in inter-disciplinary or nonconventional areas.


For researchers and engineers interested in the developments in plasticity.

Table of Contents

Section headings and selected papers: Preface. Keynote Papers. Dynamic analysis of shear flow of granular materials (A.J.M. Spencer). 3-D simulation of curved dislocations: discretization and long range interactions (H.M. Zbib et al.). Constitutive modeling of cyclic plasticity with emphasis on ratchetting (N. Ohno). Plastic inversion and nosing of metal tubes used as impact energy absorbers (S.R. Reid, J.J. Harrigan). The speed of propagation of an adiabatic shear band in thermoviscoplastic materials (R.C. Batra). Constitutive modeling of plastic flow accounting for micro-shear banding (R.B. Pecherski). A chain-network model simulating macro mechanical behavior and micro damage evolution of in situ reinforced ceramics (N. Liang et al.). Transformation induced plasticity revised: an updated formulation (F.D. Fischer, K. Tanaka). Finite element analysis of workability of some bulk forming processes (A.S. Wifi et al.). Constitutive Modeling. Inelastic constitutive model considering viscosity and ageing (K. Kaneko et al.). Correspondence between strain path and stress path in plastic deformation (H. Moritoki, E. Okuyama). Unified approach to constitutive modeling: plasticity and creep (H. Ishikawa, K. Sasaki). Evaluation of constitutive model on thermal ratchetting experiments (P. Geyer et al.). Microscopic deformation behavior of polycrystalline metals during cyclic plastic deformation (I. Shimizu et al.). Damage and Fracture. Modeling of irradiation embrittlement of elastic-plastic materials based on damage mechanics (M. Jincho et al.). Studies on low-cycle fatigue strength and fatigue crack propagation rate for s


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