Advances in Developmental Biochemistry was launched as a series by JAI Press in 1992 with the appearance of Volume 1. This series is inextricably linked to the companion series, Advances in Developmental Biology, that was launched at the same time. As stated in the Preface to Volume 1: "Together the two series will provide annual reviews of research topics in developmental biology/biochemistry, written from the perspectives of leading investigators in these fields. It is intended that each review draw heavily from the author's own research contributions and perspective. Thus, the presentations are not necessarily encyclopedic in coverage, nor do they necessarily reflect all opposing views of the subject." Volume 2 of the series follows these same guidelines.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors. Preface (P.M. Wassarman). Drosophila Homeobox Genes (S. Dessain and W. McGinnis). Structural and Functional Aspects of Mammalian Hox Genes (P. Dollé and D. Duboule). The Developmental Control Genes in Myogenesis of Vertebrates (H.H. Arnold and T. Braun). Mammalian Fertilization: Sperm Receptor Genes and Glycoproteins (P.M. Wassarman). The Fertilization Calcium Signal and How it is Triggered (M. Whitaker and K. Swann). Index.


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