Volume 57. Advances in Clinical Neurophysiology

1st Edition

Proceedings of the 27th International Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology, AAEM 50th Anniversary and the 57th Annual Meeting of the ACNS Joint Meeting, San Francisco, CA, USA, 15-20 September 2003, Volume 53


Table of Contents

Preface. List of Contributors.

Section I. Special Lectures: CNP of Pain.

1. The neurobiology of persistent pain and its clinical implications (R. Dubner). 2. Unmyelinated nerves, challenges, and opportunities: skin biopsy and beyond (W.R. Kennedy). 3. The irritable human nociceptor under microneurography: from skin to brain (J.L. Ochoa). 4. Reflex sympathetic dystrophy and causalgia (R. Baron). 5. Central mechanisms of pain perception (H. Shibasaki). 6. The role of the thalamus in pain (F.A. Lenzet al.). 7. The role of secondary somatosensory cortex and insula in pain (F. Mauguière). 8. Neuroimaging of pain (K.D. Davis). 9. Therapeutic approaches to low back pain (C.J. Standaert, S.A. Herring).

Section II. New Electrodiagnostic Techniques.

10. Nerve excitability studies: past, present, future? (H. Bostock). 11. Quantitation of EMG, what and why (E. Stålberg). 12. Clinical utility of pain - laser evoked potentials (G. Cruccu, L. Garcia-Larrea). 13. Surface EMG: how far can you go? (M.J. Zwarts et al.). 14. Motor unit number estimation: new techniques and new uses (M.B. Bromberg). 15. Techniques in pediatric neurophysiology (K.E. Eeg-Olofsson).

Section III. Neuromuscular Junction Disorders.

16. Antibody-mediated disorders of neuromuscular transmission (A. Vincent). 17. Botulinum toxin mechanisms of action (D. Dressler). 18. Electrophysiologic tests of neuromuscular transmission (D.B. Sanders).

Section IV. Neuropathies and Anterior Horn Cell Disorders.

19. Traumatic injury to peripheral nerves (L.R. Robinson). 20. Recent considerations in the etiopathogenesis of ALS (A. Eisen). 21. Conduction block in demyelinated axons precipitated by normally innocuous physiological processes (D. Burke, C. Cappelen-Smith, S. Kuwabara). 22. Peripheral neuropathies in human immunodeficiency virus infection (A. Hoke, D.R. Cornblath). 23. The genetics of amyotro


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