Advances in Cancer Research provides invaluable information on the exciting and fast-moving field of cancer research. Here, once again, outstanding and original reviews are presented on a variety of topics.


Researchers and students in the basic and clinical sciences of cancer biology and oncology, plus related areas in genetics, immunology, pharmacology, cell biology, and molecular biology.

Table of Contents


Chapter One. Understanding the Role of ETS-Mediated Gene Regulation in Complex Biological Processes

1 Introduction

2 Modulation of ETS Function

3 Defining and Characterizing ETS Target Genes

4 ETS and MicroRNA

5 ETS Mouse Knockout and Mutant Models

6 ETS Factors and Cancer

7 The Role of ETS Factors in the Microenvironment

8 ETS Factors and Other Diseases

9 Targeting the ETS Network

10 Concluding Remarks



Chapter Two. Advances in Understanding the Coupling of DNA Base Modifying Enzymes to Processes Involving Base Excision Repair


1 Introduction

2 Enzymes That Modify Bases in DNA

3 The Removal of Enzymatically Modified Bases by BER

4 Relationships Between the Activity of Base Modifying Enzymes and DNA Repair

5 Summary



Chapter Three. Role of Oxidative Stress and the Microenvironment in Breast Cancer Development and Progression

1 Oxidative Stress Changes the Breast Tumor Microenvironment

2 Oxidative Stress Regulate Caveolin-1 Signaling and Energy Metabolism in the Tumor Microenvironment

3 Oxidative Stress Causes Fibroblasts to Undergo Senescence and Induces Mitochondrial Dysfunction

4 Conclusions and Future Perspectives—Should We Target Breast Cancer Stroma?


Chapter Four. Mitochondrial Alterations During Carcinogenesis: A Review of Metabolic Transformation and Targets for Anticancer Treatments

1 An Overview of the Role of Mitochondria in Cancer

2 Alterations in Energy Metabolism in Cancer Cells

3 Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressors Involved in Mitochondrial Function

4 Mitochondria as the Key Organelles Involved in Cell Death and Survival

5 Cancer Metastasis: Implication of Mitochondrial Metabolism in the Adapt


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"This classic and essential series presents critical overviews on select aspects of both cancer research and the basic underlying sciences." --American Scientist
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