Volume 54 of the Advances Series contains ten contributions, covering a diversity of subject areas in atomic, molecular and optical physics. The article by Regal and Jin reviews the properties of a Fermi degenerate gas of cold potassium atoms in the crossover regime between the Bose-Einstein condensation of molecules and the condensation of fermionic atom pairs. The transition between the two regions can be probed by varying an external magnetic field. Sherson, Julsgaard and Polzik explore the manner in which light and atoms can be entangled, with applications to quantum information processing and communication. They report on the result of recent experiments involving the entanglement of distant objects and quantum memory of light. Recent developments in cold Rydberg atom physics are reviewed in the article by Choi, Kaufmann, Cubel-Liebisch, Reinhard, and Raithel. Fascinating experiments are described in which cold, highly excited atoms (“Rydberg” atoms) and cold plasmas are generated. Evidence for a collective excitation of Rydberg matter is also presented. Griffiin and Pindzola offer an account of non-perturbative quantal methods for electron-atom scattering processes. Included in the discussion are the R-matrix with pseudo-states method and the time-dependent close-coupling method. An extensive review of the R-matrix theory of atomic, molecular, and optical processes is given by Burke, Noble, and Burke. They present a systematic development of the R-matrix method and its applications to various processes such as electron-atom scattering, atomic photoionization, electron-molecule scattering, positron-atom scattering, and atomic/molecular multiphoton processes. Electron impact excitation of rare-gas atoms from both their ground and metastable states is discussed in the article by Boffard, Jung, Anderson, and Lin. Excitation cross sections measured by the optical method are reviewed with emphasis on the physical interpretation in terms of electronic structure

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Experimental Realization of the BCS-BEC Crossover with a Fermi Gas of Atoms (C.A. Regal and D.S. Jin) Deterministic Atom-Light Quantum Interface (J. Sherson, B. Julsgaard and E.S. Polzik) Cold Rydberg Atoms (J.-H. Choi, B. Knuffman, T. Cubel Liebisch, A. Reinhard and G. Raithel) Non-Perturbative Quantal Methods for Electron-Atom Scattering Processes (D.C. Griffin and M.S. Pindzola) R-Matrix Theory of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Processes (P.G. Burke, C.J. Noble and V.M. Burke) Electron-Impact Excitation of Rare-Gas Atoms from the Ground Level and Metastable Levels (J.B. Boffard, R.O. Jung, L.W. Anderson and C.C. Lin) Internal Rotation in Symmetric Tops (I. Ozier and N. Moazzen-Ahmadi) Attosecond and Angstrom Science (H. Niikura and P.B. Corkum) Atomic Processing of Optically Carried RF Signals (J.-L. Le Gouët, F. Bretenaker and I. Lorgeré) Controlling Optical Chaos, Spatio-Temporal Dynamics, and Patterns (L. Illing, D.J. Gauthier and Rajarshi Roy) Index Contents of Volumes in this Serial


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