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Professionals, researchers, students, and government involved in agronomy, crop and soil sciences, plant science, and environmental sciences

Table of Contents

Advances in Agronomy



Chapter One. Digital Mapping of Soil Carbon

1 Introduction

2 Review of Past Studies

3 Soil Carbon Measurement and Depth

4 Source of Data: Soil Sampling and Legacy Data

5 Prediction and Mapping

6 Uncertainty and Validation

7 Mapping AND PREDICTING Soil Carbon Change

8 Conclusions


Chapter Two. Impacts of Changing Climate and Climate Variability on Seed Production and Seed Industry

1 Introduction

2 Climate Change Effect on Crop Yield, Food Security, and National Gross Domestic Product

3 Climate Change Effect on Geographical Distribution of Crops and Species Composition

4 Climate Change Effect on Insect Pest and Disease Development

5 Climate Change Effect on C3/C4 Crops and Crop/Weed Interactions

6 Climate Change Effect on Seed Production

7 Effect of Climate Change on Pollination

8 Interaction of Climate Change Factors and Other Resources

9 Absence of Climate Safety NET

10 Intellectual Property Rights Issues Related to Seed

11 Conclusions


Chapter Three. Elucidating Mechanisms of Competitive Sorption at the Mineral/Water Interface

1 Introduction

2 Sorption of Cations and Anions onto Soil Components

3 Effect of Inorganic and Organic Ligands on Cations Sorption

4 Competitive Sorption of Cations

5 Competitive Sorption of Anions

6 Conclusions


Chapter Four. Insights from the Soybean (Glycine max and Glycine soja) Genome

1 Introduction

2 The Pregenomic Era

3 The Genomic Era

4 The Postgenomic Era


Chapter Five. Responses of Crop Plants to Ammonium and Nitrate N

1 Introduction

2 Organic N Nutrition for Plants

3 NH4+–N and NO3−–N Absorpti


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