Volume 74 contains six excellent cutting-edge reviews detailing advances in the plant and environmental soil sciences. Chapter 1 is an extensive review on soil quality. Chapter 2 covers recent advances in understanding the formation of metal hydroxide precipitates on soil surfaces and their implications on metal sequestration and soil remediation. Chapter 3 is a timely review on effects of organic acid exudation from roots on phosphorus uptake and aluminum tolerance of plants in acid soils. Chapter 4 discusses bamboo production and management, including manipulation of growth and development and environmental aspects of bamboo production. Chapter 5 addresses a significant worldwide issue - management of soils for food security and environmental quality. Chapter 6 is a comprehensive review on the management of wheat, barley, and oat root systems.


Professionals and students in the field of agronomy and plant, soil, and environmental sciences.

Table of Contents

1. Soil Quality: Current Concepts and Applications -D.L. Karlen, S.S. Andrews, and J.W. Doran 2. Frontiers in Metal Sorption/Precipitation Mechanisms on Soil Mineral Surfaces -Robert G. Ford, Andreas C. Scheinost, and Donald L. Sparks 3. Organic Acids Exuded from Roots in Phosphorus Uptake and Aluminum Tolerance of Plants in Acid Soils -Peter J. Hocking 4. Aspects of Bamboo Agronomy -Volker Kleinhenz and David J. Midmore 5. Managing World Soils for Food Security and Environmental Quality -R. Lal 6. The Management of Wheat, Barley, and Oat Root Systems -S.P. Hoad, G. Russell, M.E. Lucas, and I.J. Bingham


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